• Seminole Profiles: A Resume Referral Service

Seminole Profiles: A Resume Referral Service

Request resumes of FSU students and alumni for specific positions at no cost! Resumes of eligible candidates will be screened by major, overall GPA, graduation date, and work authorization and will be sent as an email attachment.

You must register with SeminoleLink or have an active account in order to use this service. Please limit your request to three times a semester. Requests for “all” student resumes will not be processed. For questions, please email seminoleprofile@admin.fsu.edu . If your hiring needs are greater than this, please post your job opportunities through SeminoleLink or contact The Career Center at 850-644-6431 to discuss your hiring needs.

Current SeminoleLink Employers

  1. Sign in to SeminoleLink with your email address and password.
  2. Click on the quick links “Seminole Profile Resume Referral Program is Active.”
  3. Complete the request form.

New Employers Requesting Resumes

  1. Create a new SeminoleLink account.
  2. Complete your profile.
  3. Receive your password, emailed within 24 hours after registration.
  4. Follow steps for current SeminoleLink employers.

Resume Books

Employers who join our Partner program may access online resumes of students and recent alumni who are registered with SeminoleLink Plus! services.