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The FSU Career Center offers many career and job search workshops designed to assist you with your career development. Workshops are available upon request to student organizations, academic classes, and community-based agencies.

  • To request a workshop for your class, group, or organization, fill out the Workshop Request Form.
  • You can also view an online workshop.
  • To learn more about our workshops, come to the Career Center and speak to a career advisor.
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Career Exploration/Experience Workshops

Employment Strategies Workshops

Career Exploration/Experience

Choosing a Major

This workshop will discuss myths associated with choosing a major. A model for making career choices and decisions will be reviewed. Participants will be complete an activity that links self knowledge to educational and occupational alternatives. Information will be shared on what makes choosing a major hard. Participants will learn about resources in various campus offices, including the Career Center, that can further assist them in choosing a major.

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Career Portfolio

Become informed on how to use FSU's newest career resource - the online Career Portfolio! Learn which skills employers value the most and how to document your experiences in an innovative way while gaining useful tips on how to manage your Career Portfolio. The online Career Portfolio is an unique tool that students can use to showcase their transferable skills to potential employers. Click here to go to the Career Portfolio site

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Career Portfolio Lab

During the Career Portfolio Lab, participants will have the opportunity to work on their Career Portfolio and get assistance from Portfolio staff. Whether you are just beginning your Career Portfolio and need help getting started, or if you are a seasoned user with specific questions or want some feedback, drop by anytime during the lab hours for personalized help.

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Co-op and Internship Strategies: Tips for Securing a Meaningful Experience

This workshop has been designed to provide students with the most basic but effective tips on finding an internship or co-op work experience. Students will leave the workshop armed with the tools to kick-start their co-op or internship job search campaign.

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Graduate School: To Go or not to Go

Making the decision to go to graduate school is an important one. Pursuing a graduate or professional degree requires a significant investment of time and resources. This workshop will help you explore key factors in making the career decision to pursue an advanced degree. Information will be provided on the steps to follow in applying to graduate or professional school, and Career Center resources that can be helpful in this process.
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Matching Majors & Occupations

Trying to figure out what you will do with your degree? In this workshop, participants will complete an activity that links self knowledge to educational and occupational alternatives. Also, tips and resources for learning more about how to connect occupations with various majors will be discussed.

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Spear Your Career Workshop

Jump start your job search! Go beyond the basics of resumes, expo strategies and interviewing by hearing insider tips and how to avoid the most common mistakes. Career Center professionals & local recruiters will give tips on job searching and etiquette strategies to make you stand out from the crowd. This presentation is designed for those looking for internships AND those looking for full-time positions. This workshop is offered three times during the week before the spring and fall Seminole Futures and Engineering Day career fairs.

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Employment Strategies

Developing an Academic Cover Letter

This workshop is designed to help persons prepare and use a cover letter in an academic job campaign. Topics include format for a cover letter, letter content in relation to the position description, use of a portfolio or statements about teaching philosophy or research program in relation to a letter, and statements of professional goals. Examples will be presented.

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Business Etiquette

This workshop is designed to introduce students to the basics of business etiquette. It will help students to recognize the importance of proper etiquette as it relates to interviewing and business situations. Participants should leave the workshop with an understanding of how to conduct proper introductions, utilize effective written correspondence in their job search, and feel comfortable using proper etiquette in any business dining situation.

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Career Expo Strategies

The Career Exposition Strategies workshop provides students with an overview of Career Center expositions, with special emphasis on Seminole Futures, a semi-annual event offering full-time employment opportunities. This workshop includes strategies to use during expositions such as how to prepare for a career fair, what to bring to the event, networking with employers and the importance of following up after the exposition.

Developing a Curriculum Vitae

This workshop is designed to help persons prepare and use a curriculum vita (CV) or vita in a job campaign or for professional development. Topics include comparison and contrast of a vita and a resume, typical format options and headings, use of references, and points of emphasis. Examples of vita will be presented.

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Dress for Success / Dress to Impress

This workshop addresses the importance of proper dress as it relates to interviewing and business situations. Information is shared about the difference between business attire and business casual.

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Internet Job Search

The benefits and drawbacks to using the Internet in one's job search are discussed, including how the Internet aids the job seeker, not just in locating job openings, but in a myriad of other ways. For example, Web sites that help the job seeker network, find job openings, research employers, locate internships, find international jobs, and learn about virtual career expositions are presented. A discussion of how to evaluate Web site quality concludes the workshop.

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This hour long workshop is designed to help you learn how to prepare for the interview in terms of researching yourself, thinking about why an employer would want to hire you, researching the employer, knowing what to expect in an interview, how to dress properly, how to deal with anxiety. The workshop will cover typical interview questions, questions you might wish to ask the employer, steps to take following the interview.

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Job Search Strategies

This workshop provides an overview of key steps in the job search process. Topics covered include identifying job search targets and potential work settings, job search myths, a discussion of various job search methods, essential job search tools and strategies, barriers in the job search process, and how to make the process more positive and manageable.

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Negotiating Job Offers

This workshop is designed to help you prepare for job offer negotiation. The workshop will cover the job offer negotiation process, including points to remember, timeline and how to maximize your bargaining power.

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Resume Critiquing

This workshop is designed for individuals who have developed resumes and would like assistance in making them better! You will have the opportunity to critique your own resume in a group format, with the assistance of a career advisor. Evaluation of the information included in different sections of your resume and tips on formatting your resume to improve its presentation to potential employers and graduate schools are the focus of this workshop.

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Resume Writing

If you aren't sure where to begin in writing your resume, this workshop is for you! The Resume Writing workshop involves a discussion of the purpose of a resume, the various sections within a resume, different resume styles, and strategies for formatting your resume. Common mistakes made in writing resumes are discussed, as are "Do's" and "Don'ts" of resume writing. Writing cover letters and developing lists of references are also part of this hour-long workshop.

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Writing a Personal Statement

This workshop focuses on how to write an effective personal statement for graduate or professional school. Participants will learn key elements of a personal statement, how to relate a personal statement to one's professional goals, pitfalls to avoid in writing personal statements, and strategies for evaluating a personal statement. Samples and sources of additional information will be provided.

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Researching Potential Employers

Get in the know about the many types of employers that exist in the world of work, and find out more about those that best match your interests, values and abilities. This workshop will present strategies for obtaining employer information through various online, print and people resources, organizing employer information effectively, using resources and information for interviews, and making decisions about potential employment opportunities.

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Second Interviews

This workshop is designed to help you prepare for second interviews. Participants will learn what to expect, how to prepare, what to wear and how to follow-up the second interview. In addition, participants will learn about the purpose and potential formats of second interviews.

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Social Networking Sites: What Your Future Employers Are Saying

Information posted on Facebook is accessible to employers who have a faculty or alumni account. Come learn about how employers may be using your Facebook and MySpace profiles during the hiring process. Employers like to get a glimpse at how potential job candidates represent themselves. What kind of message are you sending? How can this affect your job search? How can you keep yourself from making a bad impression? Get answers to these questions and learn how to protect yourself.

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