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The FSU ProfessioNole program connects students with professionals throughout the country and the world. Using the ProfessioNole
database, students can seek out professionals in their future career field to learn more about industry demands, career expectations and
current and future employment opportunities. Both alumni and friends of the university participate in ProfessioNole, making themselves
available for student inquiries on a variety of career topics.

Information For FSU Students & Alumni

Learn about a career field from a current professional!

Volunteers listed in the database can provide helpful information on industry, specific organizations and job outlook in specific geographic areas. Professional volunteers are willing to answer your questions and may provide other valuable opportunities, including information interviews, suggestions for job shadowing, internship possibilities, and/or job leads.

Information For Professional Volunteers

Give back and support students by sharing your knowledge and experience!

Join ProfessioNole and volunteer to provide students career and industry information. Your knowledge, experience and insights can be invaluable to students beginning to maneuver the complicated path toward their future career. Registering with the database takes just a few minutes, but your help at this critical stage in the career of our students could last a lifetime.