• SDS 3340: Introduction to Career Development

SDS 3340: Introduction to Career Development

SDS 3340, Introduction to Career Development, provides you with an opportunity to learn and develop the necessary skills to engage in life/career planning. It is a variable credit course and can be taken for one, two, or three credit hours. SDS 3340 can assist you in many areas of their career development, from choosing a major and deciding on occupations to learning about resumes, interviewing, and job search strategies.

The course is divided into three units:

  • Career Concepts and Applications – focusing on self-assessment, occupational exploration, and decision-making;
  • Social Conditions Affecting Career Development – focusing on social, economic, family, and organizational changes affecting careers; and
  • Implementing a Strategic Career Plan – focusing on employability skills and strategies for implementing academic/career development plans.

The textbook for this class is:

Career Development & Planning: A Comprehensive Approach, 5th Edition 
by Robert C . Reardon, Janet G. Lenz, James P. Sampson, and Gary W. Peterson.
Published by Kendall Hunt, ©2017. ISBN: 978-1-5249-1299-4

For more details, look at the class policies and schedules (syllabus):

and come to The Career Center and speak to a career advisor. Register for SDS 3340 through normal course registration procedures.

If you are in SDS 3340 or wish to see what the class is like, take a look at our SDS 3340 Presentations:

Session Download PDF File
SDS3340 Orientation


Chapter 1: Introduction to Career Planning


Chapter 2: Knowing About Myself


Chapter 3: Knowing About My Options


Chapter 4: Career Decision-Making


Chapter 5: Thinking About Career


Chapter 6: Careering In a Changing World

Chapter 7: Working In a Global Economy Download

This information is available in an alternative format upon request. Please contact The Career Center at 850.644.6431 if an accommodation is needed for a disability.