Looking to connect directly with FSU students and alumni?

The Career Center is excited to help you connect with over 40,000 students from 16 academic colleges for full-time, part-time, and experiential learning opportunities (internships, service-learning, research or creative activity, international, etc.).

Through a variety of services, programs, and resources, we support recruiters in building a thriving talent pipeline of our undergraduate students, graduate students and alumni.  Need immediate assistance?  Send your questions to HireANole@fsu.edu

Post a Job or Internship

Post Full-Time, Part-Time, and Experiential Learning Opportunities

Advertise your open positions in NoleNetwork, FSU's online jobs database.

Attend a Career Fair or Networking Event

Build relationships with FSU students and enhance your organization's brand on campus by participating in a career fair or networking session. The Career Center has multiple opportunities for you to meet with targeted groups of students and fill your hiring needs.

Partner With the Career Center

To be the best Career Center possible, we need help from friends of Florida State University who share our commitment to the career growth of FSU students and the development of knowledge in this field. Join us by investing in the lives of future generations and helping us prepare students for the workplace.

Corporations who wish to increase their level of participation and establish a high-profile recruiting presence are invited to become Gold or Garnet Partners.

To register as a Gold or Garnet Partner, please visit our NoleNetwork and search under fairs.

Connect With Your Career Liaison

Career Center Liaisons are experts in working specific student populations or job seekers within industries and career fields.  To maximize your reach, connect with a Career Center Liaison(s) today!

On-Campus Recruiting

Meet with a diverse, highly talented student population and fill your hiring needs with our On-Campus Recruiting program. Your interviewing schedule will take place in the newly renovated Dunlap Success Center with assistance by our friendly staff. By recruiting on campus, you will not only create connections with our students, but also with our faculty, administration, and staff, and increase your company’s visibility at FSU.

Campus Branding Opportunities

Increase your brand’s visibility at FSU, and make your time in Tallahassee as productive as possible. Connect with our students by presenting to a student organization, or meet with Career Center staff to discover other ways you can make an impact. Crunched for time? Recruiting from a distance? Support our students remotely through the ProfessioNole program.

Request a Consultation

Career Center Staff are excited and available to work with you to plan your unique recruitment strategy including building brand awareness and hiring strategies.  Through a phone call or in-person consultation, we can discuss:

    • Florida State University student profile and academic programs
    • Summary of recruitment services, programs, and resources
    • Best practices for NoleNetwork utilization in the recruitment process
    • Ways to increase or build your organization’s brand awareness
    • Connecting with student organizations and faculty

    To request a consultation, please email HireANole@fsu.edu


    Employer Handbook & Internship Guide

    The Career Center's Employer Handbook can provide you all the hiring resources and information you need to effectively recruit at Florida State. 

    Download The Career Center's Internship Guide to learn more about best practices for hosting interns.

    Download the 2023-2024 Employer Handbook

    Salary & Hiring Data

    View a survey to graduating seniors that has been administered for more than a decade, asking students about their post-college plans and their overall FSU experience. Beginning in 2012-2013 the University mandated the Graduating Senior Survey, resulting in response rates of over 90%.

    Student Veterans Resume Book

    Recruit FSU Student Veterans and access Student Veteran resumes with the option to narrow down by major, GPA, and graduation date within your NoleNetwork account: Select “Resume Books,” then select “FSU Student Veterans Resume Book”

    Right of Refusal

    The FSU Career Center reserves the right to deny access to any student, alumni, recruiter, vendor, employer, school, or organization from participating in any recruitment event/service including, but not limited to: on-campus and off-campus recruiting, resume referrals/books, employment postings, or career fairs.

    Commission-based Positions

    Positions that require any form of monetary commitment from students prior to employment can be posted only if the payout structure as well as any upfront costs, special fees or purchases for required training materials as a preliminary condition of employment is clearly defined and advertised within the job description.

    Positions that are compensated only by commission can be posted if the payout structure is clearly defined.

    Third Party Recruiters and Staffing Agencies

    Third-party recruiters and staffing agencies may interview, attend career fairs, or list job vacancies on NoleNetwork for their clients only if they disclose the identity of the client in the job posting or visit/career fair request.  If not disclosed, the Career Center reserves the right to decline any posting or request.

    Part-Time/Seasonal Positions

    Part-Time/Temporary postings offering compensation lower than the U.S. Department of Labor's Guidelines for Federal Minimum Wage will not be posted. Employing organizations advertising part-time/temporary positions within the State of Florida must meet Florida Minimum Wage Rates