Graduate School Exploration/Resources

The decision to pursue an advanced degree requires careful consideration of your options. What degrees are available to me? How do I choose a school or program? How do I apply? These are all common questions that The Career Center is prepared to provide you resources and information for! With any big decision, it is helpful to speak with a Career Advisor, but here are some resources to get you started.

Career Guides

We have several guides that can help you learn more when considering your graduate school options, including important factors to consider when making the decision and advice on preparing a personal statement.

Preparation Events

As you consider graduate school, prepare your applications and seek funding options, there are several events that can support you through the process.

Each Fall, we host a Grad School Boot Camp event that aims to get you in shape for applying to graduate and professional school programs. This event consists of a series of workshops on topics such as: To Go or Not Go: Considering Graduate School, Writing your Personal Statement, Funding Graduate School Panel, and many more! 

In addition to Grad School Boot Camp you can find information on upcoming Graduate School Fairs, Grad School Info sessions and Grad School preparation Workshops all in NoleNetwork!

Researching Programs and Schools

Before you can make a decision, it's important to identify and gather information on programs of interest to you in your chosen field! You may want to consider the culture and quality of the program, cost of the degree, application deadlines, and admission requirements. There are many resources in our career guides and library, but here are a few to get you started with your research:

Thinking About FSU Graduate Programs

As you consider your options, explore what opportunities are available with the FSU Graduate School. Use the resources below to research graduate programs and begin your applications.


Reaching out and connecting with current and past graduate students can help you to feel more informed and supported in this process. You may have questions such as: 

  • What should I be doing now to prepare for graduate/professional school?
  • What resources should I take advantage of while applying to graduate/professional school?
  • What does the process of applying look like?
  • What is graduate/professional school really like?
  • What can I do with a graduate degree?

The resources listed below will help you gain access to mentors to support you as you consider graduate education. 

Financing Graduate School

The cost of attending graduate or professional school may impact whether you attend or not, but know that financial support is available for graduate students! Ideally, you should begin researching sources of financial support early in the application process. Types of awards/assistance available include fellowships, assistantships, loans, or grants and scholarships. Consider reaching out to your institutions of interest to inquire about financial support if you do not see it posted on their website. Other sources of financial aid information include:

For more information related to preparing for graduate school, visit The Career Center Library or our collection of resources related to admissions testing:


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