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InternFSU Faculty/Staff Information

The InternFSU program provides 100 on-campus paid experiential learning opportunities for currently enrolled full-time undergraduate, degree-seeking FSU students.

"The InternFSU program helped our office to refine the expectations and job assignments for students working in the office. This refinement created a more impactful experience for the student and the division." - InternFSU Supervisor

The InternFSU program will:

  • provide a hiring framework including job description creation and advertisement support;
  • provide a technology platform to facilitate learning objectives, supervision and mentorship support, and student recognition through transcript notation recognition;
  • fund 50% of the student’s $10/hour wage for 120 hours spanning one semester.

Through the generous support of FSU’s leadership and administration, the InternFSU program provides high impact experiential learning opportunities for students to gain professional experience on-campus complimentary to their field of study or career goals.

In order to host an InternFSU, the internship site (Department/Institute/Lab/Office/Unit/Etc.) will:

  • provide a quality on-campus experiential learning opportunity*;
  • schedule regular, ongoing 1:1 mentoring and supervision meetings**;
  • fund 50% of the student’s $10/hour wage for 120 hours spanning one semester.
    • If an InternFSU student work hours exceed 120 through the split funding model, supervisors will work with their budget representative to adjust the funding source and if necessary reimburse the InternFSU Program for the unapproved excess pay prior to the start of the following semester.

         *An InternFSU experience cannot displace a regular University employee position or be predominantly clerical/administrative duties.
       **Supervisors must be full-time Florida State University faculty or staff.

InternFSU students may work a maximum of 120 hours per semester. InternFSU students should not work during FSU observed holidays.

Program Dates:

  • Fall 2021: August 30 - December 3, 2021

Internship Position Criteria

InternFSU experiences must be a major or career-related experiential learning opportunity, outside of the traditional classroom setting, through which students build knowledge while developing transferable skills and abilities.

According to the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE),

An internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in professional fields they are considering for career paths; and give employers the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent.

The InternFSU program offers a diversity of experiences to ensure students in every academic discipline can identify a best-fit experiential learning opportunity on-campus.

We invite position opportunities from the following engagement areas:

Area   Sample Experience
Creative & Research
Sustained creative or scholarly project developed  under the direction of a faculty or staff mentor that culminates in a formal presentation, publication, performance or exhibition.
  • Undergraduate Exhibit Curator Intern
  • Production Intern
  • Undergraduate Research Intern
  • Undergraduate Choreographic Research Intern
International Engagement Intercultural experience where students collaborate effectively with people from cultures different from their own in order to build the cross-cultural skills and competencies needed to live and work in the global society.
  • Event Coordinator Intern
  • Conversation Partner Program Intern
  • TESOL Facilitator Intern
Major or career-related experience that helps students understand the professional applications, theories, ideas, principles and concepts of their academic studies or career interests.
  • Corporate Responsibility Intern
  • Emergency Management Intern
  • Social Media Intern
  • Risk Management Intern
Leadership Engagement An engagement with the intentional purpose of developing and enhancing leadership knowledge and practice through direct peer leadership or leadership program administration and support.
  •  Teaching Assistant Intern
  • Peer Advisor/Mentor Program Intern
Direct contribution of skills and resources through engagement with the community serving others through direct service, indirect service, advocacy or research.
  • Community Outreach Intern
  • Volunteer Coordinator Intern
  • Program Intern
  • Events Coordinator Intern


An InternFSU experience must have a well-developed job description including the following:

  • Supervisor name, phone number and FSU email address
    • Example:
      Brittany Armstrong, Program Assistant
      (850) 644-9775
  • Department/Institute/Lab/Office/Unit/etc. address
    • Example:
      The Career Center
      Dunlap Success Center
      100 S. Woodward Avenue
  • Department/Institute/Lab/Office/Unit/etc. website
    • Example:
  • Experience title
    • Select a descriptive title that resonates with the duties/responsibilities and function of the InternFSU experience
    • Example:
      Branding Intern
  • Experience function (select all that apply):
Accounting Environmental/Sustainability Management
Administration Finance
Advertising, Media & Public Relations Fundraising & Event Management
Architecture & Planning General Management
Business Development Hospitality
Community Services Human Resources
Construction/Contracting Information Technology
Consulting Library Science
Counseling Operations/Production
Customer Support Purchasing
Data & Analytics Research
Education/Teacher/Training Sales
Engineering Writing/Editing
Entrepreneurship Other: _________________


  • Experience description:
    An effective InternFSU experience description discloses the learning outcomes a student will gain. When students perceive value in the experience and understand the professional development opportunities available, your qualified applicant pool will grow. Taking the time to write a detailed experience description results in a much higher rate of views by qualified students!
    • Tip: Include mission of your office, description of projects and qualifications and skills necessary for students to apply. 

Five Tips for an Effective Experience Description:

  1. Keep it concise!
  2. Use adjectives that accurately describe the work environment and culture (team-oriented, fast-paced, etc.).
  3. Incorporate a compelling (short) description of your Department/Institute/Lab/Office/Unit/etc.
    FSU students may not be familiar with your operations, so adding details builds interest and excitement about your mission and community impact.
  4. Brag on the Supervisor – students want to know who will mentor them!
    Example: “The intern will work under a supervisor, with the opportunity for mentorship, that has 20+ years of experience running multimodal communication strategies for Fortune 500, large non-profits and lobbying organizations.”
  5. Provide a description of any professional development opportunities available to students.
    Example: “Perks of working with our office includes networking with a world-class team, attending meetings with high level leadership, your own desk, and an occasional ice cream or coffee outing (maybe even lunch!).”


To help in the development of your position description, samples follow:

Picture #1.jpg


Student Participant Eligibility

InternFSU student participants must be:

Please note: Transient students, non-degree seeking students, and graduate students are not eligible. FSU undergraduate students can only participate a maximun of 3 semesters in the InternFSU experience.  

Posting & Recruitment

Deadline to submit your position for Fall 2021 consideration is Sunday, June 20 at 11:59 PM. 


The InternFSU program will advertise all positions via NoleNetwork for students to apply.  It will use the Career Liaison model, Career Connect Newsletter and campus partners network to advertise positions to students.  

iNTERNFSU Hiring Process 

Once InternFSU students have accepted the offer, Hiring Representative can follow the InternFSU Hiring Guide to hire the students through the split funding model. 

New InternFSU Hires

InternFSU hires will be paid through a split funding model. In order for the split funding to take effect, InternFSU students must be processed through the InternFSU Express pool. The department’s top candidate will be hired through the InternFSU Express pool using the Express Appointment Process.  (Reference Appointing OPS Candidates via OPS Express training guide for instructions.)

  1. Job offers will be submitted though the InternFSU Express - Fall 2021 pool. When entering the Job Offer details, please note the following:
      • Enter the employee’s actual start date, not the program start date.
      • Pay Rate: $10/hour
      • Job Code of A019
      • weekly standard hours, or actual hours planning to work if not 8
      • InternFSU employees are paid through a split funding model with 50% InternFSU funds and 50% department funds.
        • InternFSU Funding Code: will be provided by Program Manager
      • Funding for the job offer should not exceed the $600 allotment from the InternFSU budget.
      • Insert Li Pon, InternFSU Program Manager, in the job offer approval workflow.
  • Once the job offer is approved, a candidate will be sent an email invitation to complete steps in the FSU Onboarding portal, to include initiating a background check (if required) and other pre-employment requirements.
    • If a background check is required, it must be successfully completed before an employee can receive a formal offer and start work.
    • The department is required to complete Form I-9 for each candidate.
    • The department must upload the following at the Supplemental Documents step of the Onboarding process:
      • Notarized Loyalty Oath
      • A copy of the candidate’s social security card
  • Deadline: All of the above processes must be completed by the HR deadline for appointments.  Refer to the current Payroll Deadlines Calendar on the HR website. 

Current InternFSU students

  • Current InternFSU students who an active record can be appointed via ePAF to complete the re-appointment.
  • InternFSU Funding Code: provided by Program Manager (50%)
    • Pay Rate: $10/hour
    • 8 weekly standard hours (FTE: 0.25), or actual hours planning to work if not 8
    • Include Li Pon, InternFSU Program Manager in the approval workflow.

Questions about the hiring process can be directed to the Office of Human Resources at (850) 644-6034.

Hiring Representatives, please download the InternFSU Hiring Guide for your records. 


Step Deadline
 Secure departmental permission to participate in the program June 18
 Locate departmental funding source (50% of intern’s salary) June 18
 Complete the online submission form June 20
 Confirmation for an InternFSU spot will be sent no later than  June 22
  InternFSU positions available for students to apply through NoleNetwork June 28 - July 15
 Receive student application packets July 16-19
 Interview, select and offer the intern position(s) July 16 - August 11
 Receive acceptance from students No later than August 13
 Notify Career Center of hire(s) August 13
 Deadline to Complete Smart On-boarding Process (Hiring Rep)  Refer to the current Payroll Deadlines Calendar on the HR website.

InternFSU Supervisor Requirements

The Career Center will hold required 45-minute virtual orientation session via Zoom for InternFSU Supervisors:


Program Components
Supervise and mentor Intern(s) for the semester, including the following requirements:

  1. Confirm Intern(s) learning goals;
  2. Hold bi-monthly supervision meetings with their Intern(s). In these meetings discuss: project expectations and progress, setting of short-term work goals, workplace behaviors, etc.;
  3. Hold an in-person mid-semester evaluation. This presents an opportunity for both Supervisors and Intern(s) to provide structured feedback and recalibrate any project goals or deadlines for the remainder of the semester;
  4. Complete a written final evaluation and hold an in-person meeting. This written evaluation will not be shared with Interns(s), but should be used as a structured exercise to provide a framework for an in-person final evaluation.  The final evaluation meeting presents an opportunity to recap successes and highlight strengths while providing feedback on areas of improvement for professional development;
  5. Complete a brief InternFSU program evaluation survey at the conclusion of the semester,

Internship Agreement

All InternFSU Supervisors are required to review and sign the Supervisor Agreement.  New Supervisors will receive this document during Orientation.  Returning Supervisors will receive the Supervisor Agreement via email. These must be signed and return to InternFSU@fsu.edu prior to the start date of the InternFSU student. 

Step Deadline
Approve Intern(s) Smart learning goals document September 10
Supervise and mentor the Intern(s)  August 30 - December 3
Complete Mid-Semester Evaluation and discuss during a meeting October 8
Hold a Final Evaluation meeting November 29 - December 3
Complete an InternFSU program evaluation and student evaluation survey December 3

InternFSU Student Requirements


The Career Center will hold mandatory one-hour virtual orientation via Zoom for InternFSU Students during January 5-8, 2021.  InternFSU students will receive an invitation link.  

Program Components

InternFSU students will:

  1. Submit three learning goals at the beginning of the semester through the Experience Recognition Program (ERP), Transcript Notation Recognition option / or submit to their supervisor for approval if receiving academic credit;
  2. Meet with their Supervisor for bi-weekly supervision meetings. In these meetings, project expectations and progress, setting of short-term work goals, workplace behaviors, etc. should be discussed. These meetings allow the Supervisor to guide, correct, and advise Intern(s) on a regular basis;
  3. Complete a written mid-semester evaluation. The written evaluation will not be shared with the Supervisor, but Supervisors will hold an in-person mid-semester evaluation meeting.  This meeting presents an opportunity for both Interns and Supervisors to provide structured feedback and recalibrate any project goals or deadlines for the remainder of the semester;
  4. Complete a written final evaluation. This written evaluation will not be shared with the Supervisor, but Supervisors will hold an in-person final evaluation meeting. This presents an opportunity for both Intern(s) and Supervisors to recap successes and highlight strengths while providing feedback on areas of improvement for continued professional development;
  5. Complete a brief InternFSU program evaluation survey at the conclusion of the semester.

Fall 2021

Step Deadline
Complete Smart Onboarding Hiring with Department Hiring Representative  Refer to the current Payroll Deadlines Calendar on the HR website.
Attend one InternFSU Student Orientation session August 23-27
InternFSU Student start date August 30
Approval of 3 Smart learning goals document September 10
Complete a Mid-Semester Self-evaluation* By October 8
Attend a Mid-Semester Evaluation meeting October 11-15
Complete Final self-evaluation* December 3
Attend a Final Evaluation meeting with supervisor November 29 - December 3
* For students enrolled in SDS 3802   

InternFSU Program Requirements for students

Enroll in the Experience Recognition Program (ERP), Transcript Notation Recognition option or Receive Academic Credit for your InternFSU Experience

To facilitate learning goals and both the mid-semester and final performance evaluation process, InternFSU student(s) must enroll in the Career Center’s Experience Recognition Program (ERP), Transcript Notation Recognition option . The exception to this requirement is receiving academic credit for the InternFSU experience from an academic department.  To find out if your InternFSU experience qualifies for academic credit, please contact the appropriate academic department prior to submitting your ERP, Transcript Notation Recognition application. 

The Experience Recognition Program, Transcript Notation Recognition option (ERP) is an online course that facilitates eligible FSU degree-seeking students the opportunity to earn transcript notation for engaging in experiential learning opportunities:

  • ERP is a non-credit ( 0 credit hour) bearing course, SDS 3802: Experiential Learning.
  • Students must submit their ERP, Transcript Notation Recognition option application through their NoleNetwork account prior to the close of the official DROP/ADD period for the current semester (TBD). Once the Career Center receives your application form, it will be reviewed and students will be enrolled in the SDS 3802 course.  
  • SDS 3802 is a hidden course; students are unable to self-register for SDS 3802 though Student Central. The Career Center automatically registers students for SDS 3802 after their ERP, Transcript Notation Recognition option application has been processed and approved through NoleNetwork.
  • SDS 3802 is graded on the S/U system and is administered through Canvas.
  • Students cannot drop on their own, so you must communicate with the ERP Program Manager or the InternFSU staff 

Find more information at - http://career.fsu.edu/ERP



Can non-FSU entities operating on the FSU campus participate in the InternFSU program?

InternFSU students are paid on a split funding model.  As a result, only FSU Departments that process payroll through FSU are eligible to participate in the InternFSU program.  However, if you would like to talk more about hiring FSU students for part-time or internship opportunities outside of the InternFSU program, contact the Career Center at cc-gain-experience@fsu.edu

Are graduate students eligible?

Graduate students are not eligible to participate in the InternFSU program. Graduate students have other opportunities for funding, detailed on the Graduate School’s Funding & Awards page.

Is internship pay negotiable?

InternFSU student participants must be paid $10.00 per hour. The InternFSU fund will cover $5.00 per hour, not to exceed 120 hours per semester. Please contact the InternFSU program at internfsu@fsu.edu to discuss further questions regarding pay.

Can InternFSU student participants receive academic credit?

Academic credit is always at the discretion of the student’s major department. The InternFSU program does not disqualify students from seeking academic credit when possible.  If an InternFSU student elects to enroll in a for-credit internship course, the InternFSU program must be notified immediately at internfsu@fsu.edu

What if an InternFSU student is not working out?

The Supervisor should contact the InternFSU program at internfsu@fsu.edu with any concerns regarding the InternFSU student's performance and attendance. However, as with any other employee if concerning behaviors are addressed and improvements are not made, InternFSU students can be terminated as with any other employee.  If you are considering this option, please contact Kelly McLaughlin (kmmclaughlin@fsu.edu) with the office of Human Resources, Employee & Labor Relations, for additional guidance.  

Can InternFSU students work outside of the traditional 8 AM-5 PM business hours?

InternFSU students are not limited to working only during normal business hours of 8 AM-5 PM. However, the alternative work schedule should have been advertised in the experience description and disclosed during the hiring process. 

If an InternFSU position requires more than 120 hours during the Fall and Spring semesters,  a Supervisor can elect to hire the student in a 100% department-funded OPS role for additional hours. The student should be kept in the same job code, but only the funding source should be changed.

What if I have already advertised an internship through a different vehicle? Can they be included?

If you have already advertised an internship, please contact the InternFSU program at internfsu@fsu.edu to discuss the possibility of including your internship in the InternFSU program.

What if I have already hired an intern? Can they be included in the InternFSU program?

If you have already hired an intern for , please contact the InternFSU program at internfsu@fsu.edu to discuss the possibility of including your intern in the InternFSU program.

Are interns expected to work over FSU observed holidays?

InternFSU students should not work over FSU observed holidays.

What if my interns exceed 120 hours?

After the 120 hours are reached, a Supervisor can elect to hire the InternFSU student as an OPS worker in a 100% department-funded OPS role for additional hours. However, InternFSU students would not be required to work the additional hours as a part of the InternFSU program.

What hours can interns work?

While not limited to traditional business operating hours of 8 AM-5 PM.  This will depend on the hours advertised and agreed upon with the InternFSU supervisor and student. InternFSU students should not work during FSU observed holidays.   

Are international students eligible for the InternFSU program?

As an F-1 student, you are automatically authorized in advance to work on-campus and would be eligible for the InternFSU program.

J-1 students are NOT automatically authorized to work on campus. J1 Students must check with the program sponsor listed in box 2 of their DS-2019 form regarding whether or not they are permitted to receive authorization for on-campus employment and what the procedures and timeline are for requesting that authorization.

More information is available on the Center for Global Engagement’s Employment Page.

Is participation in the InternFSU program limited to the Tallahassee campus?

FSU Panama City faculty, staff and students are eligible to participate in the InternFSU program.

Campus units operating throughout the State of Florida are eligible for participation in the InternFSU program.

Can a Supervisor have more than one InternFSU student?

Yes, but there is a limit of 5 spots per position.  InternFSU is limited to 100 on-campus internships.  As a result, we encourage Supervisors to submit InternFSU experiences for consideration as soon as possible. Additionally, supervision of an intern requires considerable time for mentorship. It is recommended that a Supervisor highly take into account workloads and capacity for mentorship before committing to supervising more than one InternFSU student.

Can a Department/Institute/Lab/Office/Unit/Etc. host more than one InternFSU student?

Yes, but there is a limit of 5 spots per position.  It is recommended that a Supervisor highly take into account workloads and capacity for mentorship before committing to supervising more than one InternFSU student.

Can my intern start before the Program start date?

Yes, they can start at the beginning of the semester. However, hours will have to be adjusted to not incur in overpayment.  It is also important to note that students cannot begin work before their hiring paperwork has been processed through FSU HR. 

Questions? Email InternFSU@fsu.edu

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