Salary and Hiring Data

FSU Graduating Senior Survey 

The Division of Student Affairs has been administering a survey to graduating seniors for over a decade, asking students about their post-college plans and their overall FSU experience. Beginning in 2012-2013 the University mandated the Graduating Senior Survey, resulting in response rates of over 90%.

Graduating Senior Survey Summary

Graduating Senior Survey - Destination Data by College and Major

FSU Destination Data by College and Major - Provost Report

This report focuses on students who were awarded bachelor's degrees in fall 2012 and spring 2013. Response rates to the GSS were above 90% at the time of graduation. Response rates to the follow-up survey were 32% and 34% for the fall and spring semester graduates, respectively. The data presented in this report are based on responses to the GSS at the point of graduation with data on employment and continuing education outcomes updated for graduates who responded to the follow-up survey. The findings presented in this report should be interpreted as conservative estimates of recent graduates' success in securing employment or admission to continuing education.

FSU Employment Destination Data by College and Major

FSU Education Destination Data by College and Major

FSU Masters Graduating Survey 

A collaboration between The Career Center, The Graduate School, and the Office of Institutional Research, the Masters Graduating Survey asks students about their post-graduate plans and their overall FSU experience. 

Masters Graduating Survey - Destination Data by College and Major

Internship and Co-op Salary Reports

FSU Internship Salary Data by Job Function

This salary data was compiled from internship postings through our job board. The number in parentheses represent the total number of respondents for each functional category that were factored into that selection.

NACE Education Destination Data by College and Major

On-Campus Recruiting Statistics

The Career Center collects data from organizations that recruit through the on-campus interviewing program in order to provide feedback about interviewing activity and salary data. This data, while reflective of on-campus recruiting activity, does not reflect on all employment services provided by The Career Center or Florida State University. For additional data, refer to the Graduating Senior Survey. The following data provides:

Top 20 Employers by Interviews and Hires
On-Campus Interviewing Salary and Hiring Data

National Employment Statistics

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