Refer Someone for Services

The Career Center provides comprehensive career services that can help an individual in all stages of the career planning and decision-making process, from choosing a major to finding a job. The more familiar you are with our services, the easier it will be to refer a student to The Career Center!

Our team of trained career advisors can provide a student with educational and occupational options, as well as the tools needed for making a good decision. These tools can include self-assessment activities and resources that are useful in the decision-making process. Individuals can drop in for career advising Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Feel free to contact The Career Center with any questions.

Often, individuals are not sure what to say when they drop in for advising. The first thing our career advisors are trained to ask is "What brings you in today?"

Here is a list of common responses you can prepare your students to say:

  • I would like to explore majors at FSU and related occupations.
  • I would like to create a resume and learn about cover letters.
  • I am searching for an internship and would like some assistance.
  • I am interested in attending a career fair but would like to learn more.
  • I have an interview scheduled and would like to prepare for it.
  • I am not sure how to plan my career, but I heard that I should stop by!

If you have questions about referring someone to The Career Center for services, please call 644-6431 for further consultation.


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