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The Career Library has over a thousand books and other print resources that can assist you in your career decisions. This guide shows you how to  search our unique on-line catalog called Career Key. You may also review the many topics of resources that the Career Library contains, not only in our book collection, but also in our Career Guides, Career Modules, periodicals and career specific databases.   These resources have been organized by six stages of career development: Planning, Occupations, Education, Experience, Preparation, and Opportunities.  

Career Key

Career Guides

Access career exploration guides, employment strategies, and Career Center tools remotely with this comprehensive list of career guides.

Career Portfolio Resources

Discover a history of the Career Portfolio, resources for instructors and students, and information about the annual Career Portfolio contest.

Match Major Blueprints

How does your field of study relate to specific occupations? Find sample occupations, work settings, professional organizations, and more for your major.

Quick Guides

Locate resources that relate to your various career needs and career planning topics.

Search Internships

Start your Internship search at the Career Center! Choose from hundreds of resources in the Experience section of the library and use this list of online resources. For more assistance, see a career adviser in the Career Center.

Salary and Hiring Data

Retrieve FSU graduating senior survey data, on-campus recruiting statistics, and demographics on FSU students.

Professional Clothing Closet

The Professional Clothing Closet provides FSU students with free professional attire appropriate for interviews, career fairs, and the workplace. 

Big Interview

Big Interview is a virtual mock interview platform that combines training and practice to help improve your interview technique and build your confidence.

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