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The Career Center is committed to providing quality career services and resources to support Florida State University graduate students. Graduate students may have unique needs related to career planning while in graduate school, as well as questions about how to achieve post-graduate career goals both inside and outside the academy. Career Center staff are prepared to provide career guidance and support to graduate students as they pursue their career goals.  Now as a result of the FSU Quality Enhancement Plan you have free access to Beyond Graduate School and Beyond the Professoriate to assist in your career planning.

Check out the new Beyond The Professoriate badge that offers doctoral students the opportunity to explore and prepare for a variety of career paths through specialized courses with access to Quinncia AI Resume & Interview Platform. 



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Career Center Services for Graduate Students

Explore Post-Graduate Career Options

Consider Academic and Non-Academic Career Paths

FSU graduate students often consider a wide range of employment options both inside and out of the academy. The resources below provide some tips and strategies to help students think about their post-graduate options. The Career Center encourages students to also reach out to faculty and professionals in their desired fields for additional specialized information related to their disciplines. 

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The FSU Career Center Library created this list of links to help you quickly locate websites dedicated to career issues. The list is not intended to be exhaustive, and inclusion of these links should not be interpreted as an endorsement by the FSU Career Center.


** Password-Protected Sites: FSU students, staff, and alumni may contact a Career Center staff member at 850-644-6431 for guidelines on obtaining access.


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Important FSU Resources and Services for Graduate Students

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