2019 Porfolio Contest Winners

2019 Portfolio Contest Winners

Pictured from Left to right: Alan Crutchfield (graduate student winner), Fabuola Pierre (2nd place undergrad), Richard Schonour (3rd place undergrad), Sofia Medina (third place tie), and Jennifer Magi (1st place undergrad).


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Jennifer is a fourth year civil and environmental engineering student pursuing a career in sustainability. She is particularly interested in technological applications addressing environmental concerns, especially those related to the ocean or green design. Growing up in South Florida has brought her back to water applications time and time again. Jennifer is excited to work on surface water and wastewater management projects after graduating this spring. The Career Portfolio has served as a great tool for her to articulate her future aspirations and past experiences to tell her story. She sees it as a great opportunity to convey a more holistic overview of her professional and personal endeavors.


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Alan is a 2nd year doctoral student in the Combined Counseling Psychology and School Psychology PhD program at Florida State University.  His research interests mainly revolve around recovery from addiction, and he was recently published in Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly. He is preparing for his future career goals of either entering academia as a professor or getting licensed as a psychologist to practice in the field (maybe both!).  The career portfolio is a unique tool for gathering and presenting his career profile in a novel way that is arguably more enticing to recipients than a typical resume.  Alan highly recommends using the career portfolio as a means of thinking beyond the conventional in the search for future careers.


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Fabuola Pierre is a senior majoring in Information Communication & Technology. In the future, Fabuola hopes to launch an academic based youth program that infuses academia, technology, fine arts, recreation, and life skills to build character and socio-emotional development in her hometown of North Miami, FL. 
The Career Portfolio helps to outline the skills you possess with the goals you have and plan for how to strategically meet your goals with where you are at now. It serves as a template for you to see how much progress you have made at your goal and how much more you need to do.


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Richard is a junior undergraduate student majoring in Clinical Professions through the Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences degree program. He hopes to attend medical school to pursue a career in radiology, where he can focus his efforts on Native American populations in underserved areas. Involvement in both laboratory-based research and K-12 STEM outreach programs are important to him. Overall, he believes that creating a portfolio through the Career Center has not only allowed him to reflect on the experiences of which he’s been a part of over the course of his collegiate career, but also shown him how to organize them in a way that will increase his attractiveness to potential employers. In addition, the Career Portfolio has been able to show him the direct correlation that the experiences and opportunities in which he's taken part have with the career goals he has set for himself.


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