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ProfessioNole Mentors

The ProfessioNole Mentors program offers students the chance to reach out to professionals throughout the community, country, and world and learn more about their field’s industry demands, career expectations, job outlook, and employment opportunities. Both alumni and friends of the University participate in ProfessioNole Mentors, making themselves available for student inquiries.


Have questions about what you can do with your major? Not sure what the working world will be like post-graduation? Want to grow your network? ProfessioNole Mentors want to share career information and insight with you.

Log in to your Handshake account and click on the Mentors tab to begin! We suggest searching by industry and expertise first. 

ProfessioNole Mentors

Willing to assist current students in their career development? We are seeking your career expertise!

FSU students ask ProfessioNole Mentors about:

  • industry demands
  • career expectations
  • networking tips
  • skills need for success
  • internship/career opportunities
  • and more!

Registering takes just a few minutes, but your impact could last a lifetime!

To sign-up:

If you already have a Handshake account, you will need to create a separate ProfessioNole Mentors account with your Handshake affiliated email. Click here to sign up a Mentors account. You will need to click Mentors from the registration page. Complete the registration information using your Handshake username, and within two business days your account will be approved. Once your account is approved, please be sure to log in and complete as much of your profile as possible. You can even upload a resume!

If you do not have a Handshake account, you will need to create a ProfessioNole Mentors account. Click here to sign up an account.  You will need to click Mentors from the registration page. Complete the registration information (if you are an FSU alumnus, do not use your student email), and within two business days, your account will be approved. Once your account is approved, please be sure to log in and complete as much of your profile as possible.  You can even upload a resume!

This program is available to all FSU students and registered alumni. Interested parties will contact you directly. You choose how you are contacted and how much time you spend on your reply.

Contact the Senior Assistant Director for Experiential Learning at 850-645-0445 or cc-gain-experience@fsu.edu

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