ProfessioNole Mentors Program

ProfessioNole Mentors, one of The Career Center's longest-running signature programs, connects FSU students with Alumni & Friends of Florida State for career advice and guidance.

In 1988, we provided students with professional contacts utilizing a rolodex and index cards. Today, students browse potential mentors located across the globe at the click of a button through a sophisticated online database.

How does the ProfessioNole Mentors program work?

ProfessioNole Mentors is our entirely virtual mentoring network. Once the mentee and mentor profiles are fully completed, the ProfessioNole Mentors program recommends potential mentor matches to registered student mentees by aligning career interests and academic experiences. Conversations are always initiated by students with their selected mentor.

How much time do I need to put in?

There is no required time commitment, do what works for your schedule! You can engage in a single conversation or have a longer mentoring relationship over time. 


Activate your Student Mentee Profile

"I joined ProfessioNole Mentors as a mentee, and so far it has gotten me a paid internship and a paid job doing social media marketing. I highly recommend it!"- Emily, Humanities major

We know you have many questions when it comes to your career, such as:

  • What is a job or career really like?
  • What should I be doing now to prepare for graduate/professional school?
  • What paths and options best align with my academic major?
  • How do I grow/utilize a professional network for the internship/job search?

To access the thousands of professionals waiting to help you, complete your FSU Student Mentee profile today!

Learn more about a career field or interest ranging from industry demands, career expectations, job outlook, employment opportunities, etc.

To learn how to maximize your ProfessioNole Mentors experience, review our ProfessioNole Mentor Student Mentee Guide

Alumni & Friends

Register as a ProfessioNole Mentor here!

ProfessioNole Mentors has allowed me to share my personal and professional experiences with them and watch them grow in various areas of their lives. I have seen both students develop the confidence to expand their professional networks, learn new skills and establish clear milestones towards their goals and career aspirations."- Kala, ProfessioNole Mentor

Do you have knowledge to share about your career field or industry? We are seeking your career expertise!

Potential student inquiries may be:

  • Industry demands and career expectations
  • Internship and full-time employment opportunities
  • Graduate/Professional school success tips
  • Balancing work and family
  • Serving in management or leadership roles
  • Transitioning from student to employee

Complete your ProfessioNole Mentor profile to serve as a resource to FSU students.

To register:

Click here to sign up a Mentors account. Select "ProfessioNole Mentor" and complete the registration information. Within two business days your account will be approved. We encourage you to fully complete your profile detailing your collegiate engagement/activities and career path so that your professional expertise is highlighted resulting in high-potential mentee match recommendations.

Interested student mentees will contact you directly. You choose how you are contacted, how often you are contacted as well as how many mentees you can work with concurrently.

To maximize your time as a Mentor, access our ProfessioNole Mentor Guide for tips and resources. 


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