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Summer Session 2018: August 6,7, 8 or 9

Applications Open: July 9 on Handshake

Applications Close: July 22


Summer Session Application Deadline: July 22nd, 11:59 p.m.

ALL degree-seeking FSU students can apply to participate through Handshake!

Please note: Some FSUshadow Hosts may have specific restrictions such as major or year in school.

Application Materials:

In order to apply for FSUshadow opportunities you must have an updated resume uploaded in Handshake. To upload your resume to Handshake, log in with your FSU ID and password. Complete your Profile and upload your resume through the Documents tab.

It is highly recommended that you have your resume reviewed by The Career Center prior to you uploading it. In order to have your resume reviewed, you may:

  • Stop by during The Career Center Drop-In Advising hours Monday - Friday, 9am - 4:30pm. (Note: The Career Center is closed on Fridays from 1:30-2:30pm for staff trainings)
  • Visit a Career Center Liaison during Drop-In Advising Hours: http://www.career.fsu.edu/About-Us/Hours-of-Operation
  • Receive feedback via email by completing the Resume Review Request Form in the Handshake Surveys section.
    • Log in to Handshake with your FSU ID and password
    • Complete your Profile and upload your resume through the Documents tab
    • Select Resume Review Request via the Surveys tab

FSUshadow Dates:

There are eight (8) preset dates throughout the academic year on which structured, matched FSUshadow experiences will occur, four (4) in the Fall and four (4) in the Spring. All FSUshadow program days occur during academic breaks so not to interfere with the academic calendar. The 2017-2018 program dates are:

  • Summer Break 2018 Session: August 6, 7, 8, or 9
  • Winter Break 2018 Session: December 17, 18, or 19
  • Spring Break 2019 Session: March 18, 19, 20, or 21

If you work during the time of the FSUshadow experience you apply for, make sure to take the day off ahead of time.

FSUshadow Student Participants are responsible for their travel costs to and from their FSUshadow Host location. FSUshadow Student Participants will not earn academic credit or monetary compensation for participation in FSUshadow.

What will a typical FSUshadow experience include?

The FSUshadow experience varies depending on the organization you are visiting but here are some examples of what your experience could include:

  • Conduct informational interviews with a variety of employees
  • Participate in a guided tour of the facility
  • Attend meetings or organizational events
  • Observe and ask questions while shadowing daily tasks
  • Participate during interactions with clients
  • Meet and greet college hires or current interns
  • Lunch with FSU Alumni
  • Learn about career/internship opportunities within the organization

Which companies are participating?

Numerous organizations in all different areas of business in the State of Florida as well as nationwide will be participating as FSUshadow Hosts.

FSUshadow Summer Break Session opportunities will be viewable in Handshake beginning June, 2018. FSUshadow Hosts post opportunities every day so be sure to check back frequently for new options!

Students can apply for ten (10) FSUshadow opportunities per session. If selected, FSUshadow Student Participants will be matched with one (1) opportunity during FSUshadow Summer Break Session.

FSUshadow Student Participants are responsible for their travel costs to and from their FSUshadow Host location. FSUshadow Student Participants will not earn academic credit or monetary compensation for participation in FSUshadow.

Steps to Apply for FSUshadow

Ready to apply for an FSUshadow Session?

Follow these quick steps:

  1. Sign in to your Handshake account.
  2. Complete your Account Profile and Upload an up to date resume via the Documents tab.
  3. Click the “Jobs” tab and search using the keyword feature “FSUshadow”
    1. View FSUshadow opportunities by selecting individual opportunities. Pay careful attention to the DATES and LOCATIONS of the opportunities. Remember, you are responsible for your travel to and from the FSUshadow opportunities if you are selected.
    2. To apply for a FSUshadow Opportunity, select the position you wish to apply for and then click “Apply”.
    3. Select which resume you want to submit to the FSUshadow Host. Be sure to include additional information the position asks for. You may want to include a two-three sentence note to the employer including your interest in the position. Click “Submit” to apply for the position.
    4. Your application has been successfully submitted when you see the Green notification on the next screen.

You can apply for up ten (10) total FSUshadow opportunities per FSUshadow session. Be sure to check back frequently as opportunities will be added throughout.

Applications open July 9th on Handshake and close July 22nd at 11:59 p.m. 

For more information on how to apply, key dates and datelines, and tips for a successful shadowing experience you can attend a FSUshadow information session on these dates:

Next Steps

If you are selected for an FSUshadow opportunity, you will be notified via Handshake and email of your matched FSUshadow opportunity. You will also be contacted by your FSUshadow Host with next steps as a FSUshadow Student Participant.

Important Information

MANDATORY Orientation for Selected FSUshadow Student Participants

All FSUshadow Student Participants must complete a MANDATORY orientation prior to their FSUshadow experience. For the summer session, students will be required to complete an virtual, ONLINE orientation prior to August 1st. Once the orientation and related quiz are completed, students will have met the orientation requirement. 

Additional Details/Policies

  • During the FSUshadow Program session, FSUshadow Student Participants will report directly to their designated FSUshadow Host organization location. FSUshadow Student Participants are responsible for their travel costs to and from their FSUshadow Host location. FSUshadow Student Participants will not earn academic credit or monetary compensation for participation in FSUshadow.
  • FSUshadow Student Participants agree to uphold the FSU Conduct Code, found here - http://srr.fsu.edu/Student-Conduct-Code, during their experience.
    • Additionally, as a recipient of Federal financial assistance for education activities, FSU is required by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 to ensure that all of its education programs and activities are free from discrimination on the basis of sex. Sexual discrimination includes sexual misconduct (sexual violence, stalking, intimate partner violence, gender based animosity and gender based stereotyping). If you have questions about Title IX or wish to file a Title IX complaint, please visit the FSU Title IX website: www.titleix.fsu.edu or call Jennifer Broomfield, Title IX Director 850-644-6271. Please note that as Responsible Employees, all faculty are required to report any incidents of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Office.
    • For information about the confidential on-campus Victim Advocate Program, please visit https://dos.fsu.edu/vap/.
  • FSUshadow Hosts agree to read the following policies/disclaimers as outlined on The Career Center website:

FSUshadow Program Evaluation

After each FSUshadow program session, both the FSUshadow Student Participant and Host will evaluate their experience with the FSUshadow program. Each Student Participant will receive an emailed survey within 3-4 business days after the FSUshadow session concludes.

The FSUshadow Student Participant will evaluate the following:

  • Overall experience with FSUshadow Hosts
  • Satisfactory level of information learned towards making an informed career decision
  • Communication of the FSUshadow Program
  • Areas for feedback and improvement


Who can participate?

  • All degree-seeking FSU students can participate!
  • Please note: Some employers may have specific restrictions such as major or year in school.

What kinds of industries participate?

  • All Industries are welcome to participate.

Is there a cost?

  • There is no cost to participate, however Student Participants are responsible for their own transportation (and lodging if applicable) to the location, parking, and lunch.

Do I get paid?

  • FSUshadow Student Participants will not be paid or receive academic credit.

How many FSUshadow opportunities can I apply for?

  • Students can apply for ten (10) FSUshadow opportunities per session.

What if I don’t get selected to participate?

  • Due to the popularity of organizations and the opportunity to participate in FSUshadow, sometimes an FSUshadow Applicant will not be matched. In the event that this occurs, the FSUshadow Program Manager will send information to the student with other opportunities and ways to gain experience through job shadowing.

How do I prepare for the day?

  • Your FSUshadow Host should contact you about day-of details. If you have not heard from your Host by December 8, 2017, please email cc-FSUshadow@fsu.edu
  • Research the organization and the person you are shadowing.
  • Come up with informational interview questions. You can find help with this through our Job Shadowing and Informational Interview Guide.
  • Have your day of clothing ready to go. Be sure to reference the FSUshadow opportunity for dress code requirements of your FSUshadow Host’s organization.

What if I have to cancel my FSUshadow experience?

  • By applying to any FSUshadow opportunity, you are committing to the FSUshadow Experience. Because Student Participants apply a month in advance, you should be able to follow-through on this commitment.
  • If an FSUshadow Student Participant is unable to follow through on their commitment to attending their FSUshadow experience for any reason, the FSUshadow Student Participant MUST notify Geneva Scott, Senior Assistant Director – Experiential Learning, by August 1, 2018. Except in the case of extenuating circumstances (such as natural disasters), cancelling after March 5th, 2018 will prohibit student participation in future FSUshadow Program sessions. Students who cancel after this date will also be required to send an apology letter to their FSUshadow Host.


For questions or additional information, please contact The Career Center at cc-FSUshadow@fsu.edu

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