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International & Undocumented Students

The Career Center at Florida State University welcomes and recognizes the value of your experiences. The resources below are intended to assist you with making informed career decisions that honor your values and overall identity development.

Your engagement on-campus and in the workforce provides both yourself and your colleagues opportunities to develop intercultural competencies which appeal to numerous employers.  As you browse through these compiled resources, reflect on how they may assist you in your efforts to market your diversity and inclusion strengths.

DACA: A Message from the FSU Career Center

The FSU Career Center would like to echo our university President John Thrasher's statement in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA. During this period of uncertainty, the FSU Career Center will continue to support our students, alumni and community members that are DACA beneficiaries by upholding our vision to provide them with comprehensive and inclusive career and employment services. To review our full support letter, please click here

FSU Career Center Resources

The Maximizing Your Diversity Quick Guide has been prepared to allow you to explore how ethnicity, age, sexual orientation or other topics may relate to your career planning. Its purpose is to spotlight Career Center resources that might be especially useful in this exploration as it relates to your multiple identities. 

Additional resources include:

FSU On-Campus Resources


Job Search & Career Decision Making Resources

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