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The Career Center at Florida State University wants to assist you throughout your college experience and as you transition to your next phase of life. 

Below are resources designed to help you showcase your strengths and skills as a woman on your resume, in your cover letter and during interviews or through the graduate school application process.

FSU Career Center Resources

The Maximizing Your Diversity module has been prepared to allow you to explore how ethnicity, age, sexual orientation or other topics may relate to your career planning. Its purpose is to spotlight Career Center resources that might be especially useful in this exploration as it relates to your multiple identities.

Additional resources include:

Developing Your Resume & Cover Letter

Resumes and cover letters are key elements in executing an effective opportunity search. Resumes are professional documents that introduce an employer to your skills, experiences, and professional history. 

Cover letters, on the other hand, are professional letters that provide an introduction to employers regarding your interest in a position (or in being considered for potential positions) and your perceived fit with a job and organization. 

FSU On-Campus Resources for Women

  • Black Female Development Circle, Inc. – A support system where women with similar experiences can come together to discuss current events and find comfort from other women who can relate to them.
  • Empowering Women Globally – Aims to promote sustainable solutions that will ultimately result in women’s empowerment and gender equality.
  • The Women’s Clinic – The Women’s Clinic ensures each patient feels comfortable and free to ask any question related to women’s health issues.
  • The Women for FSU – Exists to engage women who have a passion for FSU by fostering friendship and community and to educate women on different ways of investing in our university.
  • Women Student Union – The WSU is an identity-based group within Student Government whose overall mission is to unite women on the common purpose of individual self-growth.
  • American Medical Women’s Association – Dedicated to promoting women’s health, improving the professional development and personal wellbeing of its members, and increasing the influence of women in all aspects of the medical profession.
  • Society of Women Engineers – Empowers women to succeed and advance in those aspirations and be recognized for their life-changing contributions and achievements as engineers and leaders.
  • Women in Accounting – Dedicated to providing members with the knowledge, leadership skills, and professionalism desired in the business world today.
  • Women in Business – Aims to promote professional enrichment and education among FSU’s most ambitious students.
  • Women in Pre-Law Society – Serve as a stepping stone for women on their way to the legal field. 

Note that some resources only reflect a small sample of our student organizations. For a full list of student organizations visit https://nolecentral.dsa.fsu.edu/.

Women Specific Job Search Resources

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