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ProfessioNole Ready

ProfessioNole Ready teaches students about the professional skills valued by employers in the workforce, graduate or professional school programs, and other post-graduation plans.


ProfessioNole Ready is the Career Center’s online badging series that helps students learn and develop the career-ready skills valued by employers and in other professional settings, such as graduate school.  Students and alumni can sign-up to complete the ProfessioNole Ready canvas modules and assignments, and earn badges to share their level of career preparedness.

How will you learn?  Access to ProfessioNole Ready is available online at any time of the day!  

  • Interactive learning activities
  • Informative videos
  • Reflective questions
  • Develop action plans
  • Module quizzes
  • Engage with Career Center resources, services, and programs 

ProfessioNole Ready is available to all students, and we offer badges custom to graduate students.  Learn about the badge options and how to sign-up below.


ProfessioNole Ready modules and activities are built around nine ProfessioNole Competencies that are based on the Career Ready Competencies desired by employers, and established through research by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

ProfessioNole Competencies:

  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Identifies important problems and questions and gathers, analyzes and evaluates information from a variety of sources before forming a strategy, decision, or opinion.
  • Research & Innovation: Accesses and evaluates multiple sources of information, and synthesizes information to solve problems and create new insights to influence or develop new ways of thinking or working.
  • Communication: Conveys meaning and responds to needs of diverse audiences through writing and speaking coherently and effectively, and develops the expression of ideas through written, oral, and digital mediums.
  • Teamwork & Cross-Cultural Collaboration:  Works with and seeks involvement from people with diverse experiences and identities towards a common goal, demonstrating strong interpersonal skills, respect, and dignity for others.
  • Leadership: Takes initiative, demonstrates effective decision-making and informed risk taking, and motivates and encourages participation from others to work towards  shared purpose and vision.
  • Professionalism & Ethical Responsibility: Demonstrates integrity, honesty, dependability and ethical responsibility and accepts accepts direction and personal accountability.
  • Career Management: Accesses information and opportunities for career exploration, understands and articulates transferable skills in the job search process, and engages in lifelong learning to network and self-advocate for future opportunities that lead to a fulfilled life.
  • Digital Fluency: Demonstrates technological literacy and skills, and ethically and effectively uses technology to communicate, problem-solve, and complete tasks.
  • Global Fluency & Social Responsibility: Demonstrates an understanding of systemic, complex global and social issues, and how issues and actions have local and global implications for the future; appropriately challenges unfair and unjust behavior to make a positive difference in the community. 


Take action now to make your career goals a reality.  Join ProfessioNole Ready to explore common career questions, get tips on professional documents, and develop career ready skills.  PNR is accessible through Canvas so you can get career help anytime, anywhere! 

The ProfessioNole Ready modules cover a range of career-ready topics built to help each student #DesignYourCareer.  

  • Resumes and CV Ready
  • Interview Ready
  • Salary and Job Negotiations
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Professional Communication
  • Career Ready
  • Career Portfolio
  • The Industry vs. Academic Job Search

Enroll to view more topics.  The Career Center is always adding new content to keep students prepared for career success!


Simply register below to get started. 

  • All students and alumni can access the ProfessioNole Ready Black, Garnet, and Gold badge series. 

        Registration Link: www.career.fsu.edu/enrollpnr

  • Graduate students at FSU may consider joining the Graduate ProfessioNole Ready, Academic, and Industry badge series.

       Registration Link: https://canvas.fsu.edu/enroll/8HNEX3

After you complete the registration link, navigate to Canvas to access the series under 'All Courses' and add the course to your 'Dashboard'.                                                 

If you have any questions about ProfessioNole Ready, email us at cc-professionoleready@fsu.edu.


Fall 2020 Deadlines

Badge Request: Due by Friday, November 20, 2020 | 5pm EST

Students who are unable to make the request by this date should continue to work in the program, but your badge will not be processed until the next semester. 

Tips: remember to work ahead, the ProfessioNole Ready badges require multiple activities to be completed and submitted to the Career Center for review.  If you have a class due date to earn a badge, start early, and submit your work one week before the due date!

Badge & Assignment Review Process Reminder:

  • Assignments are reviewed Monday-Friday; 8:00am-5:00pm EST
  • Assignments are processed in the order in which they are received 
  • Badges/assignments are graded within 48 hours of submission


The Career Center invites faculty, staff, and campus organizations to learn more about ProfessioNole Ready. The aim of ProfessioNole Ready, is to equip students with the career-ready skills they need to be strong candidates to potential employers. Within the program, students can earn digital badges of recognition by completing a designated number of modules and assignments for each badge level.

Faculty across campus are integrating ProfessioNole Ready into the classroom.  If you would like to include ProfessioNole Ready badges as a course assignment, extra credit, or simply invite the Career Center for a program presentation, please complete the request link below.  We ask that you provide at least six weeks advance notice of your intent to add PNR as a course assignment or activity.  After your request is received, a PNR Program Manager will reach out to you for a demo and next steps.

Spring 2021 ProfessioNole Ready Course Request Link (opening soon)

ProfessioNole Ready Faculty & Instructor Guide

ProfessioNole Ready in the News:

Faculty & Staff Questions?  Emily Kennelly, ekennelly@fsu.edu 

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