Maria Camila Montano

Describe your internship search process. What were some challenges you faced or things you learned from the experience?

Searching for an internship is a very tough process. At first, I did not know the specific route I should be taking, however with the help of the Career Center, I was guided to see the possible career opportunities there were in accounting. The first step was to get my resume in tip-top shape so I was able to hand it out at Seminole Futures.

Throughout the recruiting process, I searched for openings within the Big Four Accounting firms. When approaching the recruiters, it was a tad intimidating because I felt overwhelmed when they asked me if I prefer Audit, Tax or Advisory. Yet, I was very unsure because as a sophomore, I was still taking my first financial accounting class. Once I started asking more questions about each service line I was able to easily note which one I fit into. I learned that I would have to be able to ask the right questions, and ask the recruiters why they chose their specific profession and how their company culture fits into my own values. From those responses, I was able to see if that company is right for me.

If you used any Career Center services, resources, or events to obtain your job offer, what were they? How did they support your application process?

At first, I used the Career Center Library to see the various job options for accounting, then I went over five times to use their resume services. Each time I was greeted with someone new who was willing to help me fix even the smallest error on my resume. Before doing interviews for summer leadership programs, I scheduled a mock-interview. The mock interview allowed me to better prepare myself for when the real interview came, it gave me confidence because I knew my strengths and weaknesses when interviewing. For example, I learned that you must shake your interviewers hand and make constant eye contact.

Have you participated in any experiential learning opportunities (Internships, volunteer experiences, research, leadership roles, military experience, etc.)? How have these prepared you for moving into a full-time role?

I participated in Global Scholars where I worked with underprivileged children in Cusco, Peru for 3 months. I also worked with the Florida State Alternative Breaks in Dominican Republic where a group of 16 FSU Student helped build a water system for 92 families which helped me personally develop my leadership abilities. These opportunities allowed me to know what exactly I wanted to see in the company that I would work for full time. It had to be a company who focused on serving its local community, a company that strived for diversity and inclusion and had a global framework. These opportunities allowed me to be more than just a student who goes to class, but a student with an open global mindset as well as a team player.

What advice do you have for current students that will be launching a full-time professional job search?

Never lose sight of your end goals. At times, you will face rejection, however when one door closes another one will open. Searching for full time professions is about finding where you fit best and about being open to new opportunities.

Maria Camila Montano

Maria Camila Montano

"I participated in a mock interview at the Career Center that allowed me to better prepare for when the real interview came and gave me confidence."

Major: Accounting (Master's), Class of 2019
Company/Organization: Ernst & Young LLP