• Seminole Success Stories

Seminole Success Stories


Kyle Hill


"The Career Center helped me organize my resume into a one page, professional snapshot of my experiences when I applied for Student Body President.”

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Carolina Baquerizo


"My internship with Zoo Miami helped clarify my career path and strengthened my love for wildlife!”

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Arsene Frederic


"The Career Center Experiential Recognition Program has helped equip me with the tools to be successful!”

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Katherine Griffin


""Gaining experience through internships is the best way to first, rule out experiences that may not be right for you and to secondly, find your passions before investing in your future.".”

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Mia Thomas


"This experience helped me gain real work experience and allowed me to apply my classroom knowledge from FSU in a professional capacity."

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Elaney Tedder


"You will not lose anything by participating in a job shadow opportunity, but rather, learn more about yourself before you step foot into the real world.”

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Wendy Parkulo


"I used Handshake for my internship search, which was where I found the InternFSU positions.”

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Louis Rush


"Participate in as many job shadow opportunities as you can.”

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Alyssa Schubert


"Take advantage of the resources available to you at The Career Center!”

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Courtney Simoncelli


"I used Handshake, which is an awesome Career Center resource, to apply for and obtain my internship through InternFSU.”

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Gwen Lofman


"Assume you are qualified and apply even if you may not be, as we are prone to undervalue our experiences and abilities as undergrads.”

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ALauren Schwerdt


"The Career Center supported my application process because I would not have received an interview without a strong resume.”

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Katie Davis


"I attribute my part-time job to Seminole Futures, the FSUshadow program, and the time I spent at the Women in Accounting meetings.”

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Hannah Akil


"The Career Center made the job search process so much easier, and I had my job secured before graduation.”

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Noah Gomez


"The Career Center’s constantly updated database of opportunities, Handshake, is by far the best resource for students seeking part-time employment or internships.”

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Alissa McShane


"Take in every small lesson and benefit from your part-time job to reflect on how it has helped you grow and how you can get more out of the experience.”

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Alissa McShane


"Participating in an internship my freshman year gave me experiences that I could take with me to the classroom to guarantee success.”

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Taylor Davis


"The connections that I made at the career fair ultimately secured me interviews at the FSU Career Center with Northrop Grumman.”

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More Stories

Nicole Diaz


"During my job search, I frequently visited the Career Center for help with my resume, cover letter, and portfolio, and also participated in a mock interview with my Career Liaison.”

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Alyssa Rogers


"I used the Career Center’s Experiential Certificate Program to reflect on and recognize my accomplishment.”

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Courtney Sellars


"The Career Center’s Introduction to Career Development course taught me a lot about myself and what career I really wanted to pursue.”

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Timothy Vincent James


"Having started as an intern with Domi Station and moving into a paid position has pushed me to reflect on my overall experience.”

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Mikalyn Brown


"Working as both a full time hourly associate and a full time college student taught me the value of time management.”

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Abigail Perry


"My Career Liaison helped with everything from my resume to applying, and was the first person I emailed when I received the internship!”

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Faith Ciavarella


"My internship experience helped me grow in tremendous ways both academically and professionally.”

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Emily Anne Vargas.jpg


"Get involved in professional organizations to develop those relationships to ensure your success. Later on, you can give back and mentor someone else in the same position.”

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Alvaro Gabaldon.jpg

"There are people here on campus that want to help. Their job is to help you, so take advantage of these resources before going it alone!”

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Desiree' Williams.jpg

“The FSUshadow program helped me see first-hand the different departments of IT and allowed me to receive a job with the company that I shadowed for the day.”

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Sam May.jpg
Sam May

"After interning with VISIT FLORIDA, I ended up being hired full-time!”

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Kindred Lubeck.JPG
Kindred Lubeck

“I am so thankful that I applied to take part in the FSUshadow program!”

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Scott Donovan.jpg
Scott Donovan

"I had several internships at FSU, all of which I found through SeminoleLink. Two of my three internships turned into full-time offers!”

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Amalie Meer.jpg
Amalie Meer

“The amount of skills and experience I’ve been able to add to my resume has helped me stand out above most other students and helped me obtain more job offers and positions than my peers.”

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Sydney Fallman.jpg
Sydney Fallman

“This internship really opened my eyes to the possibility of working in the public sector, which opened up a new world of possibilities for me.”

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Ali Hariri.png
ALi hariri

“I learned a lot from the professional environment, meetings, seminars, and conferences that I was able to attend and I was able to make a lot of connections in laboratories and companies.”

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Juana Delgado Hoyos.jpg
juana delgado hoyos

“I went to The Career Center to get help on my resume, which helped build the strength of my resume. My resume gained organization and professionalism.”

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Raychel Feldman.jpg
Raychel Feldman

“Gaining these skills during undergraduate school will forever serve me in a positive manor as I will go into graduate school confident in my abilities to not only conduct research but also efficiently run a lab.”

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Emily Beyer.jpg
Emily beyer

“The Career Center helped me because they prepared me to look professional and feel confident in my skills and knowledge, as well as what I could contribute to the organization that I applied to.”

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Robert A. Deason.jpg
Robert A. Deason

“I believe each of these experiences have prepared me for a variety of employment opportunities.” 

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Lacey Langston.jpg
Lacey Langston

“I went to The Career Center for resume help. Without their help, I am not sure that I would have gotten as many interviews as I did.”

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Lauren Miele.jpg
Lauren Miele

“I think the biggest thing I learned from my experience at Raymond James is the value of networking and company culture.”

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Mary 'Alex' Enlow_0.JPG
Mary ‘Alex’ Enlow

“Being in a career that I enjoy is very important to me and this internship helped me realize that I would like to be a Hill staffer after I graduate.”

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Brent Summers.jpg
Brent Summers

“This experience helped me clarify my career path and solidified my admiration for chemical oceanography by immersing me into the field.”

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Meredith Mank.jpg
Meredith Mank

“Through this internship, I found that I really enjoy working with patrons, and I would like a job in the future that allows me to work with a lot of different people.”

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Sasha Polissky.jpg
Sasha Polissky

“This truly was an eye opening experience that exposed me to the work ethic expected in such an intensive field that will set me apart in any future position.”

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Keval Patel.jpg
Keval Patel

“I got my internship by attending The Career Center’s Engineering Day where I was able to speak with representatives from Eli Lilly and then obtained a day after interview for the internship.”

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