Alissa McShane

Describe your job search process. What were some challenges you faced or things you learned from the experience?

My job search process was not typical. I began my career as an intern at an IT firm, and the situation was so mutually beneficial that they decided to offer me a full time position, and I decided to accept.

If you used any Career Center services, resources, or events to obtain your job offer, what were they? How did they support your application process?

I met my current employer and obtained my internship through an FSU Career Fair. The application process was pretty independent after that, but I owe the initial meeting to that Career Fair!

Have you participated in any experiential learning opportunities (Internships, volunteer experiences, research, leadership roles, military experience, etc.)? How have these prepared you for moving into a full-time role?

My internship, which originated through the FSU Career Fair, led to my current job as mentioned. I have volunteered and served in leadership roles through FSU on many occasions in many organizations on campus, and I participated in the Undergraduate Research Program with colloquium at FSU. All of these things in one way, shape, or form taught me something about leadership and prepared me for the experiences I would encounter in the workforce, whether it be difficult colleagues or clients, or problem solving under a deadline.

What advice do you have for current students that will be launching a full-time professional job search?

I advise you to start as soon as you can! I began my first internship the fall semester of my freshman year. Though that may seem early, it showed me the ins and outs of a job and gave me experiences that I could take with me to the classroom to guarantee success. Having served several roles throughout my internships showed me some aspects that I did not like about the career I thought I wanted and allowed me to pivot before it was too late in the game.

Alissa McShane

Alissa McShane

Participating in an internship my freshman year gave me experiences that I could take with me to the classroom to guarantee success."

Major: Information Technology, Class of 2016
Company/Organization: UberOps