Stephanie Victor

Describe your job search process. What were some challenges you face or things you learned throughout the process?
      My job search process was draining and complicated. There were times I felt unqualified for the positions that I applied for. Some challenges that I faced was feeling like I didn't have enough experience or involvement at Florida State, but through this process I learned that having the right experience is just enough.

If you used any Career Center services, resources, or events to obtain your experiential learning opportunity, what were they?
   NoleNetwork and the Career Center library were amazing resources to use for my job offer. NoleNetwork helped me find full and part-time jobs in my field. I knew that I wanted to go into education, but couldn't figure out where to start. Then, I discovered the Experience Recognition Program and applied. The Career Center library was such a useful tool in checking my résumé and searching databases of salaries for other job opportunities 

Have you participated in any experiential learning opportunities while at FSU?
      The Experience Recognition Program was a great opportunity to get familiar with the field that I was interested in. I applied and started mentoring at Sabal Palm Elementary. I was able to work with full-time teachers who guided me on effective methods for working with underprivileged students, and what skills to improve on. It was an insightful experience that confirmed my desire to be an educator post-graduation.

What advice do you have for current students who will be launching a full-time professional job search?
   Take advantaged of these resources as much as possible. Job searching is difficult, but having a team of people who want to see you succeed is beneficial and helps at time where you may feel defeated. The wonderful people at the Career Center made me feel secure and aided with any questions I had. 

"Stephanie Victor"

Stephanie Victor

"The Experience Recognition Program was great opportunity to be familiar with the field that I was interested in ... It was an insightful experience that confirmed my desire to be an educator post-graduation."

Major: Criminology & African-American Studies
Graduated: Spring 2022

Experiential learning opportunity: Leon County Mentors