Cortnie Baity

What made you choose FSU? 

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University’s Psychology department. After graduation, I worked for The Graduate School for 9 months. I used working on campus to my advantage by making appointments with faculty across campus in various departments to learn more about graduate degree programs that might suit my career interests. After meeting with a former department chair of Family and Child Sciences I decided I would pursue my clinical master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) out of state, because the clinical master’s MFT program was not offered within the de- partment, only the Doctoral MFT program. The original plan was to earn my master’s in MFT elsewhere so I could then apply for the doctoral MFT program at FSU. I followed this plan somewhat, returning to the same department, Family and Child Sciences, after earning my master’s in MFT from the University of Kentucky, but decided to pursue the Human Development and Family Sciences program. 

Describe the importance of your research and work. 

My area of research is personal and family finances and how the two impact mental & physical health as well as interpersonal relationships. This is important because money is a part of our daily lives. Research shows finances have the power to predict mental and physical health outcomes, as well as relationship quality. As a human scientist, we aim to discover ways to improve the quality of human life. Thus, it is my goal to heal and improve mental and physical health outcomes, as well as family relationships via personal finance intervention. 

Briefly describe your career aspirations. 

I aspire to have a tri-fold career. I appreciate variety in my skill sets and daily schedule. Thus, I aspire to become a) a higher education professor, b) licensed marriage and family therapist with a specialization in personal finance healing, and c) an applied social scientist. 

What advice do you have for anyone considering graduate school? 

If you receive a nudge from the God/the universe/gut feeling about pursuing graduate school, take it into careful consideration. Everyone does not get that nudge, know that it serves a purpose, so it is worth while exploring. 

Cortnie Baity 

"It is my goal to heal and improve mental & physical health outcomes, as well as family relationships via personal finance intervention."

Major: Ph.D., Human Development and Family Science