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Take a Nole to Work!

The FSUshadow Program connects students with employers, community partners, alumni, and friends of the university for one-day job shadowing opportunities to provide exposure to a wide variety of career fields and industries. 

FSUshadow, planned for spring, summer, and winter academic calendar breaks, invites all FSU undergraduate and graduate level students to participate in this program.  

Students who participate in FSUshadow will gain knowledge and skills related to career decision making and critical career competencies while in college.  

We invite you to serve as a FSUshadow Host and “Take a Nole to Work!”


Past Host Feedback

“The FSU Shadow program provided an interactive and engaging platform for students to learn more about the mission and careers in our organization. Through innovative opportunities such as this, we successfully hired highly competitive FSU students in our Honors Internship Program and in a full-time professional capacity after graduation.”

- FSUshadow host, Government Agency, Miami, FL

"This program has provided our organization with a unique way to identify interns and to expose a large group of students to our company brand. It has truly been invaluable to our recruiting efforts."

- FSUshadow host, Fortune 500 company, Boca Raton, FL

"This program is incredibly important, I think giving a student the ability to learn and ask questions from a potential employer is extremely valuable."

-  FSUshadow host, Government Agency, Washington D.C.

"Our students were bright, poised and represented the University well in every way possible. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting!"

- FSUshadow host, Health Insurance Firm, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Why host a FSUshadow Student Participant?

The FSUshadow Program is a structured matching process that connects students with one-day shadowing opportunities for career exploration and introduction to the world of work. FSUshadow opportunities will not result in academic credit or monetary compensation, yet FSUshadow Hosts and Student Participants greatly benefit by this experience.  Benefits for Hosts may include:

Building Your Brand: The FSUshadow Program introduces students to your organization and its commitment to informed career choices. Upon return to campus, FSUshadow Student Participants will become an unofficial ambassador for your organization once they are able to learn what it takes to succeed at your organization!

Recruiting FSU Talent:  You may find your next star employee through the FSUshadow Program! Student Participants who have insider knowledge of your organization will be excited to apply for full-time or internship opportunities within your organization.

Giving Back: Your advice as a professional is invaluable to students wishing to gain information about a career field.   

What kind of experiences are FSUshadow Student Participants seeking?

The Career Center asks FSUshadow Hosts to have Student Participants accompany, or shadow employees as they move throughout their normal responsibilities so they can get a true feel for a typical work day in the host’s organization.

Hosts can choose to integrate activities into their FSUshadow experience such as:

  • Conduct informational interviews with a variety of employees
  • Participate in a guided tour of the facility
  • Attend meetings or organizational events
  • Observe and ask questions while shadowing daily tasks
  • Participate during interactions with clients
  • Meet and greet college hires or current interns
  • Lunch with FSU Alumni
  • Learn about career/internship opportunities within the organization

Whatever activities are selected, the Career Center recommends communicating a clear description on the day’s activities and what the FSUshadow Student Participant can expect to experience.

Please use the example below as a template for your FSUshadow position description:

Organization: XYZ Company

Contact: Steven Seminole, ss@xyz.com , (850) 555-6653

Title: Marketing/Digital Strategy FSUshadow

Description (please include ALL of the following including a preset Agenda):

Date: December 18, 2022

Arrival Time: 8:45am

Departure Time: 5:00pm

Address/Location: 123 Company Lane, Tallahassee, FL 32306

Parking Information: Check in at security gate to receive parking pass.

Meal Information:  Bring your own lunch! We have appliances you may use in the staff break room that include a refrigerator and microwave.

Dress Code: Business Casual

Special Instructions and/or Waivers Needed: FSUshadow Student Participant will sign non-disclosure agreement prior to arrival at XYZ Company.

The Marketing/Digital Strategy FSUshadow experience will provide Student Participants with exposure to a day-in-the-life working in social media marketing and digital strategy.  Selected FSUshadow Student Participants will observe meetings with clients, creative development of materials, editing/revising content for websites as well as general management tasks as this position supervises two interns.


9:00 a.m. Arrival, office introductions with Steven Seminole, Director of Marketing
9:30 a.m. Shadow Steven during the 9:30 staff meeting
10:00 a.m. Shadow Steven to observe his marketing role
10:30 a.m. Shadow Steven as he gathers updates from direct reports
11:00 a.m. Tour of office by Steven and current interns
Noon Lunch with other FSU alumni in the organization *Bring your own lunch!*
1:00 p.m. Introduction to Fiona Spear, Manager of Marketing Analytics
1:30 p.m. Observe Fiona during client meetings and creative process
3:30 p.m. Shadow Fiona during post-meeting tasks including editing content
4:00 p.m. Observe Fiona during client follow-up, brief Q&A
5:00 p.m. Departure

For more templates in a variety of industries, please view our FSUshadow examples

Dates and Criteria

There are eleven (11) preset dates throughout the academic year on which structured, matched FSUshadow experiences will occur, three (3) in the winter, four (4) in the spring, and four (4) in the summer. All FSUshadow program days occur during academic breaks so not to interfere with the academic calendar.

Winter Break 2022 Session: December 13th, 14th and/or 15th

Register as a FSUshadow Host

FSUshadow Host submissions for the following sessions are now open!

(FSUshadow Hosts must choose and indicate one (or more) dates during these time periods)

Winter Break 2022 Session: December 13th, 14th and/or 15th

Please note: this session will offer both in-person and virtual shadowing opportunities. 

Additional Details/Policies:

  • During the FSUshadow Program session, FSUshadow Student Participants will report directly to their designated FSUshadow Host organization location.
  • FSUshadow Hosts agree to read the following policies/disclaimers as outlined on The Career Center website:
  • FSUshadow Student Participants agree to uphold the FSU Student Conduct Code during their experience. 
    • Additionally, as a recipient of Federal financial assistance for education activities, FSU is required by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 to ensure that all of its education programs and activities are free from discrimination on the basis of sex. Sexual discrimination includes sexual misconduct (sexual violence, stalking, intimate partner violence, gender based animosity and gender based stereotyping). If you have questions about Title IX or wish to file a Title IX complaint, please visit the FSU Title IX website: www.titleix.fsu.edu or call Aishah Casseus, Interim Title IX Director 850-644-1774.  Please note that as Responsible Employees, all faculty are required to report any incidents of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Office. 
    • For information about the confidential on-campus Victim Advocate Program, please visit https://dos.fsu.edu/vap/.

FSUshadow Program Evaluation:

After each FSUshadow program session, both the FSUshadow Student Participant and Host will evaluate their experience with the FSUshadow program. Each Host will receive an emailed survey within 3-4 business days after the FSUshadow session concludes.

The FSUshadow Host will evaluate the following:

  • Overall experience with FSUshadow Student Participants
  • Satisfactory level of information disseminated
  • Communication of the FSUshadow Program
  • Areas for feedback and improvement 


  • Do I need to be in the Tallahassee area to host?
    • No, FSUshadow Student Participants travel to you to experience a day in the life of your organization. We have had FSUshadow Hosts nationwide. 
    • You also have the option of hosting a virtual shadowing experience.
  • Is there a cost involved in hosting an FSUshadow experience?
    • No, FSUshadow Student Participants provide their own transportation, and they are not compensated so the only cost is your time.
    • Some FSUshadow Hosts outside of the State of Florida have sponsored travel to their location, but it is not a requirement for an FSUshadow Host to provide travel support.
  • What kinds of industries may participate?
    • All industries are welcome, and encouraged, to participate.
  • Which students participate?
    • The program is open to ALL degree-seeking FSU students, both undergraduate and graduate level, in addition to recent graduates.
  • Can I host more than one FSUshadow Student Participant at a time?
    • Absolutely! You can share the responsibility of hosting one or more Student Participants with a colleague or choose to Host multiple Student Participants individually. Please indicate the amount of Student Participants you are willing to host on your FSUshadow Host submission form.
  • Can I host a student(s) for all four days of the FSUshadow Program session?
    • We prefer organizations to Host a Student Participant(s) for just one-day. If you prefer to Host different student(s) each day of the session, you will need to create four separate FSUshadow opportunities for different days during the session you are registered for.  Please be sure to include the specific day of each shadowing experience in your job description as outlined in the template under the What kind of experiences are FSUshadow Student Participants looking for? tab.
  • Do I need to provide meals/lunch for FSUshadow Student Participants?
    • Many FSUshadow Hosts will choose to provide breakfast, coffee, and/or lunch for FSUshadow Student Participants. However, this is NOT a requirement.  Hosts who choose NOT to provide meals must include dining options and information on meals to the Student Participant. (Example: “FSUshadow Student Participant will need to bring their own lunch and store it in the employee break room”).
  • Can I host a FSU student another day if the dates for FSUshadow does not work with my schedule?
    • Absolutely! If you wish to provide a Job Shadow opportunity for FSU students outside the dates of the FSUshadow Program, please reach out to the FSUshadow Program Manager to discuss an opportunity outside the session. For more information, email FSUshadow@fsu.edu 
  • What if I need to cancel my FSUshadow experience?
    • If a FSUshadow host is unable to follow through on their commitment to hosting an FSUshadow Student Participant(s) for any reason, the Host is responsible for notifying the FSUshadow Student Participant(s) AND FSUshadow Program Managers, a week prior to the planned FSUshadow session.  Except in the case of extenuating circumstances (such as natural disasters), cancelling without at least a week notice will prohibit Hosts from participation in future FSUshadow Program sessions.

For questions or to request additional clarifying information, please contact The Career Center at FSUshadow@fsu.edu


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