The Career Portfolio is an online tool created by the Career Center that helps students show evidence of learning to instructors and present their skills to employers, graduate schools, and other organizations. The Career Portfolio will help your students:

  • examine and demonstrate their learning and career goals
  • reflect on courses, work experiences, and extracurricular activities
  • learn about skills employers value
  • find ways to develop skills
  • show they have these skills through examples of their work
  • deliver all of this on the Internet only to the people they choose

In their teaching, faculty use the Career Portfolio with students to assist with the following:

  • skills identification
  • curricular and co-curricular planning
  • reflection/personal growth
  • marketing tool
  • professional growth
  • accreditation requirements

Using the Career Portfolio with Your Students
Learn how faculty and instructors are using the Career Portfolio, view sample assignments, and get started.

Note: To access a Career Portfolio created prior to May 2015, click here and enter the email address and access key provide by the student.

Feel free to contact the Career Center at (850) 644-6431 or for any questions or assistance.


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