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Using the Career Portfolio with Your Students

Introducing your class to the Career Portfolio at the beginning of the semester and having them complete smaller assignments throughout the semester will allow students to become comfortable with the system and learn how their course learning is related to their future career goals. For example, you may have students create a Profile that lists their career goals early in the semester. As they complete assignments, they can upload them to their Career Portfolio and reflect on how a particular assignment helped them to develop a specific skill.


Assignment Ideas

Here you will find some examples of how current faculty and staff have used the Career Portfolio in their courses, as well as other assignment ideas you can incorporate in your class.

Current Faculty Usage

A summary of the Career Portfolio survey sent to faculty/staff that use the portfolio system can be found in the document below.

How Can the Career Center Help?

Getting Started

We recommend familiarizing yourself with the FSU Career Portfolio. Log in through Blackboard and click on Career Portfolio under Secure Apps. By exploring the system and adding entries, you may begin to identify how your students can utilize the Career Portfolio. For a step-by-step guide, please see the Career Portfolio User's Guide.

Feel free to contact the Career Center at (850) 644-6431 or for any questions or assistance.


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