Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I keep using my Career Portfolio?

Your Career Portfolio lasts a lifetime. Even after you graduate, you can always log into your Career Portfolio using your FSU ID and password.

If I have a Career Portfolio, do I still need to create a profile within NoleNetwork?

Yes. NoleNetwork is The Career Center’s online portal for FSU students and alumni who want to establish a formal relationship with The Career Center. Through NoleNetwork, you will receive news about upcoming career–related events and programs and Career Center services, and employers will be able to search for you based on your designated preferences. You will want to log in and create a profile to use the system most effectively. You can even provide a link to your Career Portfolio within the Bio section of your NoleNetwork profile!

Why can’t I log in to the Career Portfolio?

The Career Portfolio is a myFSU application. Use your FSU ID and password to log in. If you are unable to log in, it is possible that the system is down. Visit to view FSU ITS News for system-wide outages. If there are no outages, and you are still unable to log in, contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance (

Can I change my name that shows on my Career Portfolio? (nickname, marriage, etc.)

Yes, you can.  The name that automatically appears on your Career Portfolio is the name that the FSU system has attached to your myFSU login and password.  In order to change this, go to Menu and then Settings.

How do I include my unofficial academic transcript and/or service transcript?

Go into the Options section and turn “on” the transcript(s) you wish to show to referred users.

Should I use an email other than my FSU email in my Career Portfolio if I am graduating soon?

You retain your FSU email for life. However, if you do not plan to check your FSU email after you graduate, it is a good idea to change your email in your Career Portfolio. That way, if you are sending out the Career Portfolio to employers or graduate schools, it will have your most current email address in the event that an organization attempts to contact you.  Make sure your email address is professional. But remember, your login for the Career Portfolio will always be your FSU ID.

When should I give employers access to my Career Portfolio?

The Career Center has received feedback from employers on their use of the Career Portfolio in the selection process.  Many employers state that they will not utilize a portfolio until later in the interviewing process (i.e., the second interview), while some say they would look at it earlier.  We suggest you let employers know you have a Career Portfolio early in the process, and they can decide when it would be most useful.  As an alternative, many students have chosen to put a link to their Career Portfolio at the top of their resume under their contact information.

Will employers actually look at my Career Portfolio?

It depends on the employer and organization if they decide to use your Career Portfolio while evaluating you for a position.  The Career Center does have some data to suggest that employers find the Career Portfolio very helpful in making decisions about potential employees.  Even if the employer does not choose to access your Career Portfolio, the Career Center feels that you will be much better prepared for the entire job search process, and especially the interview, because you have taken the time to evaluate and reflect on your skills and experiences and can better articulate those during the interview process.

Will the Career Portfolio help me get into graduate school?

The Career Portfolio is an excellent way to show potential graduate schools your skill, activities, and accomplishments.  Additionally, the Artifacts section allows schools to view your academic work and see first-hand your abilities in the field to which you are applying.  Furthermore, taking the time to evaluate and reflect upon your undergraduate experiences will help you write better personal statements and prepare you for interviews.

How much space do I have for my Career Portfolio?

Space is unlimited for all of the sections. If you decide to upload large files (especially video or audio files), these may take longer for referred users to download, as opposed to papers or other documents. Referred users are not likely to view something extremely large, so it may be more effective for you to link to external sites.

Are there any security features/copyright type things to keep people from using my Artifacts?

The Career Center recommends selecting the button to “turn on” the Confidentiality Agreement in the Options feature of your Career Portfolio. However, with anything placed on the web, there is always the risk that someone will use information in a way that was not intended.  Your information is secure within the Career Portfolio, but when you allow referred users to view your information, there is a risk.