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The InternFSU program provides 100 on-campus paid experiential learning opportunities for currently enrolled full-time, undergraduate, degree-seeking FSU students during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Through the generous support of FSU’s leadership and administration, the InternFSU program provides high impact experiential learning opportunities for students to gain professional experience on-campus complimentary to their field of study or career goals. Students who participate in InternFSU will gain knowledge and skills related to career decision making and critical career competencies while in college.

The on-campus internship site (Department/Institute/Lab/Office/Unit/etc.) will:

  • provide a quality on-campus experiential learning opportunity*;
  • schedule regular, ongoing 1:1 mentoring and supervision meetings**;
  • fund 50% of the student’s $10/hour wage for 120 hours spanning one semester.
    • If an InternFSU student work hours exceed 120 through the split funding model, supervisors will work with their budget representative to adjust the funding source and if necessary reimburse the InternFSU Program for the unapproved excess pay prior to the start of the following semester.

*An InternFSU experience cannot displace a regular University employee position, or be predominantly clerical/administrative duties.

**Supervisors must be full-time Florida State University faculty or staff.

The InternFSU program will:

  • provide a hiring framework including job description creation and advertisement support;
  • provide a technology platform to facilitate learning objectives, supervision and mentorship support, and student recognition through transcript notation recognition;
  • fund 50% of the student’s $10/hour wage for 120 hours spanning one semester.

InternFSU students may work a maximum of 120 hours per semester.  For example, this could be an average of ten (10) hours per week for twelve (12) weeks. Note: there is more than 12 weeks during the semester. 

Program Dates:

  • Fall 2019 semester, the InternFSU Program date range is September 3 to December 6, 2019
  • Spring 2020 semester, the InternFSU Program date range is January 13 to April 24, 2020

*InternFSU students should not work during University official holidays or finals week. 

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