Through the generous support of FSU’s leadership and administration, the InternFSU: TLH Spring 2024 Pilot Program will select 20 local small businesses to each host one paid InternFSU: TLH student.

  • Local small business: submit your application to participate here, now until October 20th 
    • To qualify for participation in InternFSU: TLH, a company/business must:
      1. Be headquartered in Leon County;
      2. Meet the definition of a small business as detailed in Section 288.703(6) of the Florida Statutes.
    • Please note:
      1. After reviewing local business participation applications, selected internship sites will be notified no later than October 27th.
      2. Each selected 20 local small business internship sites will host 1 intern as a part of the pilot program.
  • Undergraduate Students: Apply via your NoleNetwork account November 6th-November 19th

The local, off-campus small business internship site will:

  • provide a quality off-campus experiential learning opportunity*;
  • schedule regular, ongoing 1:1 mentoring and supervision meetings**;
  • fund 100% of the student’s $14/hour wage for a minimum of 120 hours spanning one semester.

            *An InternFSU: TLH experience cannot displace a regular employee position, or be predominantly                 clerical/administrative duties.

            **Supervisors must be full-time staff of the small business that are qualified to provide mentorship,                   guidance and leadership in the duties/responsibilities and functions of the work projects assigned                   to the student intern.

The InternFSU: TLH program will:

  • provide a hiring framework including job description creation and advertisement support;
  • provide a technology platform to facilitate learning objectives, supervision, and mentorship support, and student recognition through transcript notation recognition;
  • reimburse selected employers a total of $1,500 to offset participation costs at the conclusion of the semester

Pilot Program Dates:

  • Spring 2024 semester: January 8 - April 26

*InternFSU students should not work during University official holidays, such as Spring Break, or finals week. 

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