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Developers of the original FSU Career Portfolio

(Not all are still on staff. For information about the history and development of the FSU Career Portfolio, contact Leslie Mille )

Project Coordinator

  • Jill Lumsden - Career Development Coordinator (no longer at FSU)

Career Center

  • Scott Arkin - Grad. Research Assistant/Project Designer (No longer at FSU)
  • Jeff Garis - Former Director of The Career Center (Retired)
  • Myrna Hoover - Director, The Career Center
  • Janet Lenz - Program Director Emeritus & Senior Research Associate (Retired)
  • Jill Lumsden - Career Development Coordinator (No longer at FSU)
  • Juliette McDonald - Associate Director, CEO (Retired)
  • Britton Powers - Technology Coordinator (No longer at FSU)
  • Bob Reardon - Professor Emeritus & Senior Research Associate

Information Technology Services

  • Irina Gorkov - ERP Analyst
  • Ric Dugger - Assistant Director (No longer at FSU)
  • Craig Hablewitz - Coordinator of Computer Applications
  • Tom Morgan - Asst Director, IRM
  • Ricky Ratliff - Coordinator of Computer Applications (No longer at FSU)
  • Chuck Stubbs - Director, Technology Services


Special thanks to Tracie Scott, Joe Clark, Sandy D'Alemberte and the many others at Florida State University who made the Career Portfolio possible.


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