SIGI3 is a comprehensive, interactive, computer-assisted career guidance program designed to assist you in making career choices. SIGI3 combines personal and occupational characteristics to identify career options. The program introduces you to a systematic decision-making process, and provides strategies on obtaining a job of your choice. SIGI3 is available on-line HERE .

You will need the Career Center access code to register.

Ask a Career Advisor or contact 850.644.6431 for help acquiring the access code.

The features of SIGI³ are located in 4 major sections of the home page:

Do Your Own Thing

My Stuff: Keep track of your results, notes, and progress through the SIGI3 system
Surveys: Take online assessments to explore your values, interests, skills, and preferences
Occupational Info: Explore occupations using a variety of search criteria
Job Comparison: Compare up to 9 selected occupations side by side or in a grid
Analysis: Synthesize information acquired through SIGI3 to begin career decision-making
Getting There: Explore next steps and additional important considerations related to career planning and decision-making
Additional Resources: More helpful links and tools to use with SIGI3



Use the GUIDES section to work on activities related to specific career-related questions, such as “what can I do with my major” or “What are my occupational options?”

Suggested Tools and Websites

View additional Career Center and Florida State University resources and tools to help you with career planning.

Fast Start

Visit 7 sections of the SIGI3 system in 5 minutes!

*All interactions with SIGI3 are confidential. SIGI3 can store your responses for later use, but it is strongly advised that you print a copy of each screen frame that contains information, which may be of future use to you. You are encouraged to discuss your printouts with a career advisor to see how the information can be applied to your career problem solving and decision making.


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