• Mock Interview Program

Mock Interview Program

The best way to prepare for post-graduate opportunities is to participate in a mock interview. The Mock Interview Program allows you to hone your interviewing skills while developing confidence in your ability to deliver strong interview performances. You don't have to be searching for a job or internship to participate in the Mock Interview Program. It is never too early to start working on this essential career development skill!

The Career Center offers phone, Skype, in-person, and panel mock interviews. Mock interviews are conducted by trained Mock Interview Mentors and tailored to your individual occupational area, industry or graduate school interview. 

All mock interviews are conducted on the third floor of The Career Center, located in the Dunlap Success Center. Interviewees should report at least 10 minutes early. Business professional attire is required.

FALL 2019 Mock Interviews can be scheduled BETWEEN SEPTEMBER 23 - december 6

*Mock interviews must be scheduled AT LEAST 48 hours in advance
*It is strongly recommended you schedule your mock interview early in the semester, slots fill quickly before career events and assignment deadlines


Register for a Mock Interview

How Do I Schedule a Mock Interview?

  • Upload your resume and cover letter to your Handshake profile
    • This is a requirement and helps Mock Interview Mentors customize interview questions to the position/industry/program you are applying to
    • NOTE: Your appointment will not be approved until you have uploaded a public resume and cover letter to your Handshake profile 
  • In the top blue toolbar, select “Appointments” under the "Career Center" drop down menu

Appointments Tab.png

  • Select “Schedule a New Appointment”
  • There will be 2 categories to choose from:
    • Select “Traditional Mock Interviews” if you wish to practice a 1:1 interview with one Mock Interview Mentor
    • Select “Panel Mock Interviews” if you wish to practice a 2:1 interview with two Mock Interview Mentors, pending availability 
  • Browse available days and times; select the slot that works best for you
  • Complete Mock Interview Request form; once complete, click “Request”
    • This provides the opportunity to share details including your preferred medium (In-Person, Video Call, Phone), why you are practicing, and any additional accommodations we should be aware of
    • Once your mock interview appointment is approved, you will receive an email confirmation and a reminder for your scheduled mock interview, plus a Handshake notification

How Do I Make Changes to My Schedule?

  • In the top blue toolbar, select “Appointments” under the "Career Center" drop down menu
  • Select appointment you wish to edit/cancel under “Upcoming Appointments”
  • Click “Cancel Appointment”

*If you wish to reschedule, cancel original appointment and proceed to create a new appointment

*Mock interviews must be canceled AT LEAST 48 hours in advance without penalty.

No-Show/Cancellation Policy

Mock interviews must be canceled AT LEAST 48 hours in advance without penalty. Any student that does not show up or cancel a mock interview will be blocked from participating in any on-campus interviewing activities until a letter of apology addressed to the Mock Interview Mentor is mailed or emailed to the Assistant Director for Mock Interviews. Two no-shows or late cancellations within the same semester will result in a permanent loss of ALL on-campus interviewing privileges. Documented illness is not considered a no-show; however, an apology letter is still required, addressed to:

Mock Interview Mentor
c/o Assistant Director for Mock Interviews
The FSU Career Center

*Note: Mock interviews are based on the resume and cover letter that you submit. Mentors will use the company/industry you list and will ask you questions that you might be asked during an actual interview.


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