• Mock Interview Program

Mock Interview Program

Nervous about an upcoming interview? Want to practice with trained peer paraprofessionals, staff, or even employers?  Then participate in one of our practice mock interview options!  Depending on the type of mock interview, your interviewer will ask questions much like you could experience in a real interview for a part-time job, internship, full-time job, or other scenarios!

You don't have to be searching for a job or internship to engage with these resources; it is never too early to start working on this essential career development skill!


Interviewing Career Guides

Prior to your mock interviews and real interviews, check out all of the print resources for interviewing HERE.

Big Interview

Big Interview is an online system that combines training and practice to help improve your virtual and in-person interview technique and build your confidence.

You have a variety of tools at your disposal including:

  • Challenging, virtual mock interviews for all experience levels and dozens of industries
  • A database of thousands of interview questions with tips on how to answer them
  • A comprehensive video training curriculum covering all aspects of interview success, landing a job and the art of negotiation.

The great thing about Big Interview is that it is entirely asynchronous interview training, meaning you can review interview preparation resources and participate in a practice interview any date, anytime.

Mock Interviews With Staff and Peer Mock Interview Mentors

The Mock Interview Program provides real-world interviewing experiences with seasoned professionals and trained peers.  Questions will be tailored to your major, goal job, and/or industry in these hour-long appointments. To schedule, log into NoleNetwork and select Appointments on the top menu! 

Important Things to Remember when making your appointment:

  • When filling out the appointment request details, be sure to attach your resume and cover letter as one 2-page document*.
  • Mock interviews must be scheduled AT LEAST 48 hours in advance.
  • We offer both in-person and virtual mock interviews - limited options available for both. NoleNetwork will state what type of appointment you are requesting.

*It is strongly recommended you schedule your mock interview early in the semester if required for a class assignment, slots fill quickly before career events and assignment deadlines and we CANNOT guarantee availability.

Employer Mock Interview Weeks!

Each semester, the Career Center will be hosting Employer Mock Interview Weeks where students can receive a practice mock interview by a professional within industry.  Students will sign up through the NoleNetwork Jobs section.

Interested employers, please complete this form!  Staff will be in touch as dates approach.

Upcoming Employer Mock Interview Weeks:
Proposed Industry Mock Weeks With Potential Employers

  • October: STEM2D  (week of October 10th)
  • November:  Sales, Media, and Communication (week of November 7th)
  • December: Public Service & Helping Fields (week of December 5th)
  • February: Consumer Goods & Services (week of February 13)
  • March: Management & Leadership Programs (week of March 6th)
  • April: The Creatives and Entrepreneurs (week of April 10th)

Employers interested in participating, can reach out to MockInterview@fsu.edu

No-Show/Cancellation Policy

Mock interviews must be canceled AT LEAST 48 hours within NoleNetwork.

  • Any student that does not show up or cancel a mock interview may be blocked from participating in any on-campus interviewing activities until a letter of apology addressed to the staff member conducting your mock interview is emailed to mockinterview@admin.fsu.edu.
  • Two no-shows or late cancellations within the same semester may result in a permanent loss of ALL on-campus interviewing privileges.
  • Documented illness is not considered a no-show; however, an apology letter is still required and should be emailed to mockinterview@admin.my.fsu.edu




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